Virgin BB - any good?

  Nontek 11:15 03 Dec 2010

Moving home soon, have been with BT Broadband for many years, but have never been able to get more than 2Mb speed, though other than that I have no complaints, always had very good service. Thinking of changing to Virgin for BB and Telephone, I have checked and their Cable system is available at my new location. I have also checked on Broadband comparison sites.

Question - is Virgin Reliable in all respects?? Anyone with experience please, Pros/Cons ??

TIA ....

  birdface 11:21 03 Dec 2010

The only problem is the foreign call centers can be a bit awkward to deal with.
I have been with them for about 7 years and cannot complain about their service.
A lot of deals for new customers so well worth a try.

  Nontek 11:29 03 Dec 2010

Thanks for your comment, I probably shall go for Virgin, just wanted a bit of reassurance!

BT also had overseas helpers :-)

  birdface 11:29 03 Dec 2010

If you are just thinking of free weekend calls I would go for the 24/7 calls as they can be quite expensive if you use the phone during the week.
Don't use the call back on the telephone.
You know the one where you dial 1471 to see who phoned and you then press the number 3 to connect to them.
They charge you for using that as I complained that I was getting charged for phone calls and I am on the 24/7 package and that was their answer.
Like I said I have been with them for about 7 years and only have had the engineer out once for a faulty Modem.

  VoG II 11:51 03 Dec 2010

Yes, very good, reliable and value for money IMO. I've been with them (and their predecessors) for about 8 years.

On the very few (less than half a dozen) times that I've needed to call for help I've got an English call centre. Also, when it became apparent that the fault was at their end, they asked me to hang up and an engineer called me back.

  Nontek 12:24 03 Dec 2010

Many thanks friends, I value both your opinions greatly - so I guess it will be Virgin for me, I will have to remember to be gentle :-))

  Zorst 12:24 03 Dec 2010

Yes, they're ok. Had it for years with no problems. The foreign call centres are a bit of a pain but the service is relable so you shouldn't need to contact them much.

  Nontek 12:27 03 Dec 2010

PS ... re phone calls 24/7, I am only going for the free weekend calls as I use my super-dooper HTC Wildfire for most of my calls, not that I make that many, but I have it on contract and it works out quite cheap, sort-of!

  Nontek 12:28 03 Dec 2010

Thank you for your comment.

  birdface 13:56 03 Dec 2010

I agree I always used my mobile for out of hours calls.
I did complain to them about what they charge for out of hours calls and told them it was cheaper for me to use my mobile than to use their phone.
It all seems to be a bit of a con they charge much the same if you take the package with the phone or without it.
Not a lot of difference.
I think there call charges are reasonable but they charge I think it is 9p connection charge as well as the phone charge which makes my mobile cheaper to use.
10mb.20mb.50mb is what you can get at the moment they are supposed to be getting ready to up it to 100mb. So lots of choices

  Nontek 14:16 03 Dec 2010

Thanks for the further comments - I will be going for the 10Mb, fast enough for my needs, and a lot better than what I have been used to.

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