vinyl to cd

  okcoky 17:57 12 Feb 2005

hi all,just wondering can i just plug my record drck to the back of the pc to transfer my record collection to cds.i have read that i will need a pre-amp.I know my stero system has one,if i have to use this how do i connect a stero system to the pc?which cables to where and what? am a novice at this so make the description as simple as possible please e.g.idiot proof.i have plenty of hard disk space and the software that is needed as i have downloaded some that was suggested on here im just not sure about connections,thanks for your help.

  Technotiger 18:05 12 Feb 2005

Hi, you don't plug the record deck to the back of the pc - you have your record deck connected to your Amp. Your Amp is then connected to your sound card - assuming you have a sound card. I use Soundblaster Audigy2, it has all the necessary connecting points and includes clear instruction on cennections. That is what I would advise you to get for a quick and easy setup.


  okcoky 18:15 12 Feb 2005

i have soundblaster live card so i should be ok,so i just use line out from amp?

  Technotiger 18:17 12 Feb 2005

You got it in one. You should of course have instructions on your soundcard cd.


  okcoky 18:19 12 Feb 2005

thank god for that lol,intrustions do not say anything about record decks but im sure i can figure it out.thanks for your help

  Motonick 19:19 12 Feb 2005

Terratec make various pre-amps etc to enable transfer Vinyl to cd

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