viglen processer upgrade

  soulbreaker 09:14 15 Feb 2004

would like to upgrade my processor on my viglen to
something faster like pentium 4 or the like can I do this or do I need another motherboard.

  bremner 09:25 15 Feb 2004

Will need details of model / motherboard etc to be able to advise.

If you don't know download Aida 32 click here and it will tell you

  soulbreaker 21:29 17 Feb 2004

Model is W7F8M3 motherboard isnMSI MS-5148 CPU isintel pentium MMX,166mhz

  Gaz 25 21:45 17 Feb 2004

You would need a PSU greater than 350watts to run a P4, Motherboard, new heatsink/fan and of course processor. You may need to upgrade graphics too.

If it is a special case designed for under monitor use, then you would need a ATX case, with a PSU too.

These can cost anything from £20 - £400

I would suggest just a £35 case or something.

  bremner 16:21 18 Feb 2004

The reality is is that your machine is too long in the tooth to seriously consider upgrading. Gaz25's list should also include RAM and it is likely you only have a small hard drive and slow CD Rom drive.

When a company like Mesh can supply a fully spec'd machine for £499 click here a self build / upgrade is simply not cost effective

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