Viewsonic vs Iiyama

  DongQuyCao 15:02 21 Jan 2005

I'm stuck having to choose between two 20 inch TFT monitors, the Viewsonic VP201B and Iiyama PLE511S, both of which are about £600. Can anyone tell me which one is best? I will be using it for everything ie. gaming, running Office

Why do they cost so much more than 19 inch TFTs? (about £300 extra for an extra inch!) Is it because they have a much higher native resolution at 1600x1200, while the 19" have a resolution the same as 17", so would this mean that the pixels have to bigger to cover the extra area of a 19" screen?

  Mike 18:36 21 Jan 2005

I was thinking about the same two and decided that the only difference was that 20.1" Iiyama PLE511S-B has speakers. Apart from that they could be the same panels in different boxes.

Look here for question on games and resolution click here

20.1" TFT has more pixels diods dots hence the cost.

Viewsonic claim "heightens user enjoyment for video editors,fincial traderd, CAD/CAM engineers(that me) and power gamers.

So, like you i would like to see a comparason user test, maybe in next months mag.

  bremner 18:39 21 Jan 2005

Can comment on the actual moniotrs but as a heavy user of both Viewsonic and iiyama 17" TFT's there is no comparison in picture quality.

The iiyama wipes the floor with the Viewsonic.

  DongQuyCao 19:55 21 Jan 2005

Thanks both for the input. My preference is the Viewsonic simply because my brother has a 17" VP model and the picture quality is superb, and I also like the height adjustment and style of the Viewsonic. I'm not too keen on the Iiyama's "little" built-in speakers, though.

I know Iiyama's have a formidable reputation but I can't help keep thinking that because this model doesn't have a considerable price premium over the Viewsonic, it is of a lesser model. On the other hand, the VP201B is from the professional series and should be the best Viewsonic offer.

  freaky 21:57 21 Jan 2005

The larger the screen size TFT you buy, then the lower the response time.

If you want to use a TFT for playing games or video then only buy a 17" TFT, preferably with a response time below 12.

If you use a TFT above 17" then you will get ghosting if playing games/video. This is because they have a much longer response time.

If you are sure you want a size above 17", then buy a good spec CRT monitor instead of a TFT.

Remember the screen sizes of TFT's are the actual viewing area i.e a 19" CRT Monitor is equivalent to a 17" TFT.

My older computer has a 19" Iiyama Pro 451, excellent for games.

My new computer has a 17" Iiyama E435S (response time 10ms). It is just as good!

The response time of a CRT Monitor is 00, therefore instanteous, hence the nearer you get to '0' the better.

I mentioned ghosting above, what this means is that if a fast moving object moves across the screen like in a game/video, then it will a leave a trail behind for a short while (rather like a comet in the sky). This would spoil your enjoyment of whatever you were watching.

  DongQuyCao 23:49 21 Jan 2005

I take your point freaky, but I will never buy a CRT! They have superior reponse times to TFT but I'm buying a new PC system to last me the next 5 or 6 years, and a 20" will be future proof. A CRT is just too bulky these days.

Besides, this particular 20" Viewsonic model has a 16ms response, which is actually better than some 19" ones and equivalent to the 17" VP series.
I have seen some ghosting on the 17" 16ms response model when playing games and watching DVD but it's not too bad, and I can live with that. The sharp picture quality makes up for this. I'm assuming a 20" and 17" both with a response rate of 16ms will have the same performance.

  Mike 09:28 22 Jan 2005

Hi freaky,

Thats just the kind if info I need, although I have a Radius 20e Monitor the actual picture is 19". I use this with may Mac where the applications don't wast space.

When I run Autocad with my PC on my 20" Phillips monitor there is so much wasted space between the header and the Icons I need a big display to give me some working space.

I am not yet convinced I will be happy with a TFT for CAD/CAM as the dealers are a bit slow in letting you run real applications, other than "Paint", so you can have a real play with it before you by.

  Mike 22:59 30 Jan 2005

Hi DongQuyCao.

I would like to thank bremner and freaky for their input and close this thread. If you'r finished tick the box.


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