ViewSonic 22" monitor will not connect to Vista

  Mike_R 12:36 05 Apr 2008

My 22" monitor cuts out at the password screen displaying a message "no digital signal" but the 17" monitor that I have borrowed from my son is OK. Also if I switch on using the 17" monitor and then switch leads to the 22" monitor I get a picture but in 17" setting.
This happened before a few weeks but cleared itself.
It seems to me that the problem lies in the Vista "handshake" as the earlier BIOS screens are OK, but I don't know whether it is hardware or software and the monitor or desktop.
Advice welcome on my next step. I am trying to locate another Vista user in my area, hopefully to isolate the problem to the monitor. If it is the desktop I am b******d as it is an Evesham with a worthless guarantee.
I had a problem a bit like this a few months ago when the monitor kept on dieing on me but it was later the session. That time it was the ViewSonic monitor which was replaced.

  anskyber 12:58 05 Apr 2008

Graphics card?

Try looking for any updated driver for your card.

  Mike_R 13:05 05 Apr 2008

Thanks. I will hunt around. But if it is a driver problem, why would it have gone away earlier?

  The Kestrel 13:09 05 Apr 2008

Although intermittent, it still be a driver problem. Here is the link to Viewsonic here

  Ditch999 17:06 05 Apr 2008

The Viewsonic probably has a resolution of 1680 x 1050 and the 17" probably uses 1024 x 768. Your graphics card (you dont say what it is) probably cant output the 1680 x 1050 the Viewsonic needs.

  Mike_R 12:09 06 Apr 2008

The graphics card is NVIDIA GeForce 7600GS and the monitor driver is Generic PnP monitor Version 6.0.6000.16615 which is the latest version. I tried loading an unsigned ViewSonic driver using the borrowed VX715 monitor but got a VX715 driver. I am no further forward as the VG2230 still will not connect to Vista. If the model number is critical in loading drivers, it is a bit of a Catch22 as I can only use the VG2230 after connecting to Vista by the VX715 and switching cables.

  Ditch999 17:04 06 Apr 2008

Here is a link to the Nvidia graphics driver download page for your 7600GS on Vista 32bit. click here
Make sure you uninstall the old driver first through Control Panel and disable any virus software when installing the new driver. You should also have got a monitor CD which would tell Vista that it is a VG2230 and not a Universal plus and Play Monitor.

  Ditch999 17:08 06 Apr 2008

If you know how to get into Device Manager then half way down is an icon which says Monitor. Click the + sign and you will see UPnP monitor. R click > Properties > Driver > Update Driver then search for the VG2230 driver. The monitor and graphics driver are two seperate issues and both need updating.

  Mike_R 18:37 06 Apr 2008

Presumably I leave the virus software on while downloading he drivers and turn it off while installing. The monitor CD sent with the desktop was not readable, being for windows XP, not Vista. I queried this at the time with Evesham and was told that all the required drivers etc were preloaded.
I tried the Rclick in Device Manager but got no response, only on Lclick which said that PnP was up-to-date.
I think that I will have to call ViewSonic when they are in tomorrow.

  Ditch999 18:45 06 Apr 2008

Re anti virus. Yes, keep it on while connected to internet switch it off when installing. Disconnect modem/network whilst Anti virus is off.

  Ditch999 18:47 06 Apr 2008

Re Viewsonic display driver. Had a look a their website and they dont seem to have one. They must use the generic UPnP as standard.

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