Viewsonic 19" VX912 TFT LCD

  FRITTER 12:40 18 Dec 2004

Just got one of these, but cannot see anyway to change the angle of the screen? Can anyone advise?

  Diemmess 15:08 18 Dec 2004

Have only seen the 'net' pictures, but if there is no tilt adjustment it is a surprise.

There may well be a 4 screw fixing between the Unit and its stand which can sometimes be swopped for a wall mounting device.

If there is you could try inserting washers behind the upper or lower screws and then take care not to over tighten any of the screws when you reassemble the unit. It may not be elegant but who is going to see the mod?

  Legolas 15:15 18 Dec 2004

Have a look at the PDF it would suggest that it definately can de tilted
click here

  FRITTER 15:20 18 Dec 2004

Thanks for that

Came bundled with new Evesham pc, having connected everything up, monitor was working ok, so assumed that the Viewsonic cd supplied should not be used (Evesham instructions a bit vague say as a rule supplied discs have been pre installed)
But have noticed that the user manual is not on my pc, but is on the disc, which also includes "Important software drivers" am wondering if monitor uses software to facilitate tilt?

Will bite the bullett and contact Evesham support, or Viewsonic

  Diemmess 16:52 18 Dec 2004

I'm not making bets, but looking at that PDF, I can see only on screen tweaking; and a VESA 100mm wallmouted compatability mentioned. I do not see any sign of what is normally taken for granted, - a mechanical tilt...... Perhaps the screwdiver and washers....?

  microswift 18:45 18 Dec 2004

The pdf does say under ergonomics; tilting angles, down 5 degs. up 20 degs.

  Lasse 20:19 18 Dec 2004

You should have checked viewsonics homepage. there is no physical adjustment with this monitor. I know this because I was going to buy it myself, but when I found out that you could not adjust it I opted for a Sony.

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