Views and Impressions of HP Pavilion A6140 Desktop

  haricot 08:59 29 Aug 2007

In my further search for the best buy and not being over confident in my ability, I would appreciate any views and / or assistance from anyhone who has a HP Pavilion A6140 Desktop computer.
Is it worth getting and is the backup service from HP any good. Any and as much info on its merits or otherwise would be more than appreciated. Thanks.

  Quiet Life 16:56 29 Aug 2007

From my experience HP build good reliable equipment. I have a seven year old CD writer and even older printer which have neen faultless. Main computer is a two year old W5470 which has again been faultless. Cannot speak for their service as never had to use it. Their case design is good and there is no warranty problems on opening it and adding eqipment. The spec. of the A6140 is pretty good. How does your price compare with John Lewis?
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  haricot 17:25 29 Aug 2007

Hi there Quiet Life

Thanks for coming back.It is the John Lewis site in fact that I have been looking at.
It is quite odd because I cannot seem to find this Desktop anywhere else or find any reviews on it.
I can't make out why. The spec as you say looks quite good but apart from having an HP Printer once I have no knowledge of HP's After care service except someone who reported in , on one fo these forums , don't touch em, obviously having a bad experience.
I was looking to "making up" a Dell but again you've got the "Dell Hell" brigade complaining about their After Sales service too.
At least with John Lewis you have got a fairly proven After Sales service on anything they sell and you can see them face to face ie " we've got a shop in our area".

Any light you can throw on this A6140 mystery would be appreciated. I don't even know how long it's been out ie launched.
thanks again.

  Quiet Life 19:04 29 Aug 2007

Dabs sell it as well click here cheaper but one year gtee. only. From the componets used it seems a fair spec. for the price.

  Totally-braindead 19:17 29 Aug 2007

The only thing I have against these branded machines is the low rated power supplies they put in them. Its not an issue until you want to upgrade the graphics or add a lot of extras, then you find not only do you have to shell out for the graphics card but also another £50 or more on a higher rated power supply.
I stress this is not a major issue but some people have been very annoyed at this, especially as their PC might only be a few months old.
I used to hate branded PCs as they used non standard components but this I believe is no longer the case but I have seen a few people trying to upgrade a branded PC with a case that will only take low profile graphics cards and that means their choice of upgrade is severely limited.
So if you are looking at a branded PC do be aware of these possible issues.
They are good value though. Try to buy the components yourself and you won't come anywhere near the prices of these systems.

  haricot 08:05 30 Aug 2007

Thanks QL and TBD
I appreciate your input.

I had'nt looked at Dabs I must admit , not that it is too generous with info particularly on the power thingy that TBD mentioned. I wanted to get a 22 Inch Monitor and a decent graphics card so a better power supply would be needed ( so I am told! ). I still can't figure out why this HP Pavailion A6140 isn't given more publicity/reviews.
It seems to be totaly ignored. This leads me to think that the Dell Inspiron 530 and a bit of "build your system" might just be the better bet. At least I think it is or could be more upgradeable that the HP.
Once again , I am grateful for your interest.

  Quiet Life 14:29 30 Aug 2007

Hi If you are already looking to change the graphics card you should forget this HP model and specify what you want elsewhere. A good PSU will produce full stable output all day long . Cheaper ones will only produce stable voltages at very much less than their max. output. The 7500LE is not a high end card and although will run most games quite well would not be considered by any serious gamer. Good luck.

  haricot 15:56 30 Aug 2007

Thanks Quietlife

I was not looking to change the Gr:Card necessarily and only mentioned it because I was not sure whether or not it would be sufficient ,together with the power supply to get the best out of the 22 Inch Samsung 226 that I would like.

But I'll think on it anyway and thanks again for your interest and help. I really am grateful.

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