Viewing wmv files on TV monitor

  sheila.weston 12:24 04 Nov 2009

I have created a WMV video file of images, using picasa, and then put it on a DVD using dvdflick, downloaded from click here. According to the directions, I should be able to play the resulting DVD on 'any DVD player connected to a TV set'.

My DVD doesn't play. Before I try again, is it because ours is not a flat-screen TV? Our DVD player is also a few years old.

Any help appreciated.

  eedcam 12:42 04 Nov 2009

Nowt to do with a flat screen and by rights dvd flick which uses imgburn to burn will have finalised so I would guess its possibly the disc what is it an RW or just an R and wh is it - or +
Could be your player does not play that check its manual. Also for your own learnig explore the disc on the PC it shoud have a video_Ts folder in it Come back with your findings

  sheila.weston 14:01 04 Nov 2009

Thanks eedcam, The disk is a Rivision -R 16x. No, there is no other file or folder on the disk. Just *.wmv. I'll use another disk, check the TV manual and repeat the process - but it may be a week or two as I will be away. It was the TV question that I really wondered about.

  GroupFC 15:44 04 Nov 2009

Sounds like something has not gone quite right with the burning!

I have just checked one that I made the other day (four slideshows made using Moviemaker, saved as .wmv files and then burnt using DVDflick). There are two folders on the disc Video_TS and Audio_TS. It sounds to me very much as if you have just burnt the files to a DVD disc, rather than creating a DVD but having only just started using DVDflick, I can’t see how tou have done it!

  tullie 15:52 04 Nov 2009

Dont bother about the tv manual,its all dependant on the dvd and the player.

  eedcam 18:48 04 Nov 2009

Sheila its not th TV and dont waste another disc Next time select burn Iso image
in flick go to > project settings> burning then tick the create Iso image. This will create a virtual dvd on your hard drive. Which you can check and then burn to disc. Have anice Trip
Group Ive used Flick umpteen times and I dont how Sheila managed it either

  sheila.weston 12:43 06 Nov 2009

Thanks all. Plans have changed, slightly, and I have a few days free. I have reburnt the *wmv file to a new DVD and it has worked! I guess that I must have been too impatient last time and closed the window before the process had ended. The images on the TV screen are surprisingly good although they are sightly 'waisted' in the middle, no doubt becaus of the very sightly curved monitor. But this is notr problem and one can pause them as required - excellent.
From what you say, GroupFC, I can add another movie to the same disk, yes? So there is no need to finalise the disk?
Also, can someone confirm that I can delete the *.wmv files, album files and any other files made by Picasa, if required, as they use copies of the files in the HD? yes?

  GroupFC 13:36 06 Nov 2009

I am not especially conversant with DVD Flick having only just started using it, so eedcam is probably better answering this but I’ll give it a go……..

Open DVD flick, click on add title button (on the far right) and browse to where the original files are located. Select the files you want to put on the DVD (alternatively you can use “drag & drop”). They will then be imported into a DVD Flick project. As this point you can rearrange the order of them using the move up and down buttons.
At this point it might be an idea to save your project.

You might need to double click on each title in the project, to change some of the settings for each title, in particular the frame that will be used on the DVD menu (by clicking on the “thumbnail time index” setting).

Next check your project settings - I left mine all at the default settings.

Next look at your menu settings – basically chose a background for the main menu.

When you are happy, click “Create DVD”. DVD Flick will then go through the various processes to complete the DVD (preparing the files, encoding the video and audio etc. authoring & finalizing the disc).

I am not familiar with Picasa, so can’t really advise you. However I would imagine that once you have completed the slideshow (and burnt it to disc), you could delete the .wmv files, as the original picture files will still be on your HD. But bear in mind, that a DVD Flick project will only make a “link” to these files so if you want to change the project and have deleted the .wmv files, you won’t be able to!

Hope that helps!

  eedcam 18:40 06 Nov 2009

Sheila the disc has been finalised you dont get a choice and no you cant ad to that dvd what you can do Is Keep the Iso image which you have created with Flick (IMgburn) when you have some more files then use flick again but this time just create an Iso image then when you are ready you can open these images in Yet another freebie DVD shrink and put them on another disc I'm afraid. let me know when and I'll walk you through it when you need to
click here

  sheila.weston 22:13 06 Nov 2009

Many thanks, both. I have closed this thread and will start another one when I have created some more *wmv files etc.

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