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  jesta 21:49 06 Oct 2004

i am currently learning php,i bought a book but it didnt come with a cd where you can install software which enables you to view i was wondering if there is a website i can download softwares so i can view php? 22:58 06 Oct 2004

PHP installed on your server or remote host's server. That's where the code is executed and sent back to the browser.

  jesta 23:02 06 Oct 2004

errm what is a remote host computer?and can you teach me how to install the way is there any free web servers that i can use php for?

  Taran 00:45 07 Oct 2004

Can you confirm which version of Windows you are using and whethet yuou have broadband or not.

There are several preconfigured Apache web servers you can download and install and some of them arre only intended for certain versions of Windows.

They create a software web server environment on your computer, broadly similar to the environment you would find on a real web server. This allows you to view the PHP and its output in your browser since the local web server will process it the same as a real web server would.

If you let me know which version of Windows you are running and whether you are on broadband I'll point you in the right direction.

  jesta 20:20 07 Oct 2004

i have windows xp pro and i am connected to broadband.but it rarely connects to the internet because my pc is on a network but lets not get into that.

  Taran 00:51 08 Oct 2004

The single most comprehensive preconfigured Apache server environment I have found to date is the excellent Web-Server Suite from DevSide:

click here

It is a pretty big download but broadband should see it done in short order.

Another nice preconfigured Apache server is called PHPDev, which can be downloaded from click here

The first decompresses and has to be manually installed following the instructions. The second is an executable file and installs the web server environment for you.

Either one is more than adequate for your needs but please make sure you have permission to download them and, more importantly, to install them. If your PC is on a network at work, you need express permission to download and use a product that could, if poorly set up, so badly compromise system security.

Both of the above products will install Apache, MySQL, PHP and lots of supporting goodies so you effectively have your own web server running locally on your own computer.

If you get stuck post again. Gooid luck with it.

  Taran 01:06 08 Oct 2004

I should really have added that if you really want to, you can manually install the necessary components to make your own web server environment. There are a great many tutorials on the subject and some are better than others. About the best I know of in the public domain are on the excellent DevShed site:

click here

click here

The first article walks you through how to download and install Apache, MySQL and PHP on Windows computers and the second has some further configuration of the whole mix. It's worth reading the articles even if you go for a preconfigured package since they will give you a better understanding of what Apache, PHP and MySQL are and what they can do.

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