Viewing photos with Paint Shop Pro

  Sparky0138 18:42 17 Aug 2005

Before I reformatted my hard drive I was able to double-click on photos in windows explorer and they would all open up in the same PSP window.

Now every time I double-click on a photo, a new PSP window opens up. Is there any way I can get it back to how it was before? Thanks.

  jack 20:18 17 Aug 2005

Not quite sure what you were doing before

Paint Shop Pro to view do this
File/Browse/track to where the pictures live.
Screen full of thumbnails

Click on any picture to open it
Click on more to stack 'em up.

  Sparky0138 21:12 17 Aug 2005

I never had to manually open PSP at all. I would just open windows explorer and in the My Pictures folder, which was displaying thumbnails, I'd double-click on a picture and PSP would then open with it showing. Subsequent pictures would then open on top of that picture in PSP and so on. Instead, a new PSP is opening for each picture.

  Completealias 21:20 17 Aug 2005

Don't know if this is it or if it will work but...

Open my computer then tools / folder options / view tab scroll down and there is a box that says something like open folder windows in a seperate process, if theres a tick in it take it out might work?

If not prehaps there is a setting in the options of PSP?

  Sparky0138 21:40 17 Aug 2005

Nope, it wasn't ticked but ticking it didn't work either. Have already looked at PSP options but can't find anything that might help.

  woodchip 21:43 17 Aug 2005

That's why you should always do a custom install. Then you can see what the install wants to do

  lotvic 22:47 17 Aug 2005

Well I don't what has changed to make your PSP open new instance each time. Mine does what yours did originally. I am able to double-click on photos in windows explorer and they all open up in the same PSP window. I have looked at all the settings and can't see anything to alter in PSP.

I tried to alter it as per 'Completealias' setting in My Computer (to recreate your prob) and it doesn't alter PSP so am stumped,,, maybe you could reinstall PSP and see if that does it.

  sattman 22:54 17 Aug 2005

Watching with interest as I have recently met same or similar problem. PSP opens up from Internet explorer when selected imaged is picked but PSP does not display the image.

  lotvic 23:33 17 Aug 2005

windows explorer is not the same as Internet explorer - which is your Internet Browser- so am not sure what you're doing....?

  woodchip 23:53 17 Aug 2005

To Open with PSP. Go into Windows Explorer find the Photes you want to open with PSP press Shift key down and right click the photo you want to open choose from list "Open With" choose PSP put tick in box to always use the program

  sattman 07:31 18 Aug 2005

Lotvic, my mistake of course I meant Windows explorer thanks for pointing out my error

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