viewing a Phone Book entry

  Yimbo 15:38 21 Jun 2013

Probably not exactly a Tech Helproom query - but not sure where else to post it - and I'm sure somebody knows the answer.

I've been trying now for five years past, to get TalkTalk to cause my correct details to be entered in the Phone Book and despite loads of assurances that this has been done - the entry in still not correct.

My question is, is it possible to view what will appear as my details in the Phone Book before the next edition is printed?

I'd appreciate any help!

  Woolwell 16:08 21 Jun 2013

I don't see how as they don't distribute a copy for proof reading as this would not be practical to do for so many. However are you referring to the BT phone book which is the only one that I know that is distributed. TalkTalk should notify BT of changes. It could be that TalkTalk has done that.

  Yimbo 16:23 21 Jun 2013

Thanks Woolwell - - TalkTalk have been telling me for five years that they have "updated" the entry in the BT Phone Book - - but it has not happened! Year on year, the same incorrect details are printed! The issue affect me professionally, otherwise I would just give up!

I appreciate your response!

  northumbria61 16:28 21 Jun 2013

If as Woolwell says you are referring to the BT phone book then it is BT you need to contact - enter link description here

If the Phone book has already been printed it can't be changed until the next issue. I had to do this about 4yrs ago as my name/number appeared when it shouldn't have. It is easy enough to do.

  lotvic 17:43 21 Jun 2013

No, you have to do it through TalkTalk Clickhere

"If you have a service provider other than BT you will need to contact your own service provider as BT is not able to make changes to this central database on behalf of other telephone service providers. "

  Woolwell 18:12 21 Jun 2013

Of course TalkTalk may be telling you the truth that they have notified BT but BT may not have actioned it. Unfortunately your only recourse is with TalkTalk and try to get them to "talk" to BT.

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