view two web pages at same time

  iqs 19:27 29 Oct 2010


I'm running W7,and was wondering if its possible to have two web pages open on screen at the same time ?.

  tullie 19:31 29 Oct 2010

You could open a window with one page and drag it to the size you want,then do the same with the second one alongside it.

  anniesboy 19:38 29 Oct 2010

Or right click at bottom of screen and choose to stack or side by side

  Nontek 19:40 29 Oct 2010

You can if you have both IE and FF running alongside each other.

  tullie 19:59 29 Oct 2010

You only need the one browser

  BRYNIT 19:59 29 Oct 2010

Does your version of Win7 have aero capability click here

  iqs 19:49 30 Oct 2010

Hi all,

Thank you for the advice,and sorry for not replying sooner.

My version of W7 has aero capability,I have tried this with Firefox & IE,works well.

I followed the advice from l24,and all works well.

Thank you all again

  ashdav 20:22 30 Oct 2010

Why not use tabs ?

  iqs 21:26 30 Oct 2010


I used tabs,but I was using Skype and Face Book at the same time.Switching between tabs would have caused a few communications problem,thanks

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