View Source Function in IE6

  Kefty 08:40 20 Jul 2003

I am hoping to find help with this problem. My view source function (right click on IE6) does not work.

I have checked the following

*Notepad is my default HTML Editor
*Emptying cache

When I do select view source function, nothing at all happens. Can anyone please help?


  powerless 08:48 20 Jul 2003

click here

What Operating system?

Their are many articles on MSKB for a no View Source.

Use "View source" as the search and you'll fing many articles relating to no view source.

  Kefty 08:58 20 Jul 2003

Thanks Powerless, but these did not help me. I have notepad in correct folder and my cache is empty. (I restart IE6 and try view source function, to no avail.

"To resolve this issue, configure your profile to use permissions that include the Change permission for the Cookies folder". - I have found this in my help file regarding this problem. Where is my cookies folder so that I can check the permissions?


  Kefty 10:51 20 Jul 2003

Hi. Can anyone help me here? Im pulling my hair out with this problem. I cannot find help in knowledge base (a first for me).

  -pops- 10:56 20 Jul 2003

I am curious as to why you want this function so urgently.

In all my many years of using a computer, I've used the View Source approximately once and that was to find out what it was and did.


  -pops- 19:42 20 Jul 2003

I wasn't being obtuse in my question. I really would be interested to know.

Anyway, this gets you back on to top page again.


  Jester2K II 19:52 20 Jul 2003

Does View menu, View Source work?

<repeat> What Operating system?

  bvw in bristol 20:01 20 Jul 2003

Delete your Temp.Internet files.

  Kefty 21:20 20 Jul 2003

Thanks for response. This function is very good when it works, if you have a use for it! I want this function so that I can read HTML from other websites. Using the 'view source' is the quickest way, if it works! I like learning from others coding basically.

I have emptied the temp files folders and this does not solve the problem. Back to Knowledge Base I think......

Does View menu, View Source work? - No.


  Qmar 22:56 20 Jul 2003

..its is useful where normally unsavable https pages need to be saved.. eg bank statements online.. u save as txt on HD then revert the suffix from txt to .html ?

  Qmar 23:00 20 Jul 2003 another browser and try again.. e.g.Avant browser.

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