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  IClaudio 15:41 02 Jan 2004

In the interests of furthering my knowledge, such as it is, I often like to take a peek at how other website-builders work, by going to 'view source'. I've noticed that many sites seem to have this option disabled... a neat trick, I thought, but I've never been able to find a way to do it myself.

I've just set up a site for a local organisation (I'll post the address here when I've finsihed it, for your slings and arrows...), but I find that I can't view the source! Most strange, as I haven't coded this deliberately. So, is it a function of the Hosting company (mine is 1&1, I used to live in the same road, and besides, their tech support and the freebie intro software pack is, after a shaky start some years ago, second to none that I've found), or am I missing something?


  Sir Radfordin 16:10 02 Jan 2004

Are you sure that it is disabled and not just something slightly wrong with your setup? I'm not aware of any sites that prevent you looking at the source code - afterall thats what the browser does. Some may disable right click functionality but that is generally something that is frowned on.

Post examples of sites you can't view the source code on and we can check.

  IClaudio 16:28 02 Jan 2004

click here

If it's my settings, why are some sites (like this click here , chosen purely at random) available for 'viewing' and others not?

And to take you up on another subject (don't particularly want to start a thread at the moment anout this) why are things like disabling the right mouse click 'frowned upon'?


  IClaudio 16:32 02 Jan 2004

just tried (from my post IYSWIM) to view the source code of the second link I posted just a minute ago, and I can't..?? If I open it in a New Window in the browser, again I can't view the source, but I could before. So, maybe it is my settings, but I can't think what might be wrong.

yours, confusedly

  Sir Radfordin 16:48 02 Jan 2004

That first link is to this page and I can view the source on that one, and the second link for St Georges Chapel opens a new window and I can again see the source on that one.

Do you have any popup/firewall/AV software running?

As for why no right click is frowned upon - it doesn't actually do anything but annoy people. Anyone who knows what they are doing can look at the source code to get all they want.

  IClaudio 17:38 02 Jan 2004

...well, I've dabbled with anti-popup software in the past, but couldn't get on with them. I guess they may have left something on the system after I got rid of them. Sygate and AVG running, yes, but would they block popups? And is the 'View Source' window stricly a popup?

Now I'm concentrating on this problem, rather than just idly curious, I notice that I can display the Source window on first entering a site, then if I navigate away and return, I can't see the window anymore. Mmmm....

If I ctrl-alt-del to the Task Manager (in XP), I can see a couple of thousand background progs running :0, most of which don't mean anything - is there a way I can discover what they are doing?

Sorry, FE, feel free to move this over to Help, I realise it's moving away from Web Design!


  Sir Radfordin 18:34 02 Jan 2004

When you view the source on a site it will open it up in a notepad window. If you then go back to the site but don't close that window down it will remain open and may not come to the front next time you go to view source.

  IClaudio 19:25 02 Jan 2004

That figures, but I do close the window, so I'm still mystified. Anyway, I've marked the thread 'Resolved' as it's not a huge deal. Thanks for your help!


  phil 19:40 02 Jan 2004

IE > Tools > Internet Options > General > Delete Files.

When it's finished deleting then try again.

  IClaudio 20:02 02 Jan 2004

thanks m8, that worked!



  Sir Radfordin 20:21 02 Jan 2004

The likely reason is that it will have deleted a temp file that was preventing you from creating a new one. This isn't normally a problem though.

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