View pictures on TV via a DVD

  Tigger2 11:37 06 Jan 2004

Hi there…..

Having just bought a digital camera & a DVD player the thought occurs is it possible to do away with paper & printing altogether & burn a CD-R that would go into the DVD player & display my pictures on the TV?

Anyone with any experience of doing this sort of thing??? All thoughts greatfully received.


  tenplus1 12:29 06 Jan 2004

If your DVD Player can handle JPEG photos then it's simply a matter of making a data cd containing your pictures and viewing them on TV...

On the other hand, you could download or buy a DVD Slideshow maker that will allow you to create an actual photo slide with transition effects and music...

I use Ulead MovieFactory 2 ( click here ) which is pretty easy to use but I'm sure if you look around there will be a few FREE tools out there also...

  stlucia 14:04 06 Jan 2004

Check the software that came with your CD burner -- there might be something there that can create a "slideshow" in VCD format on a CD-R.

I'm sure tenplus 1 is right that some modern domestic DVD players can play JPEG files without any help, but normally you need to put other software on the disc to allow the player to read the files -- and that's what the slideshow software will do automatically.

  Sheila-214876 14:54 06 Jan 2004

I use Ulead DVD Pictureshow which allows up to 99 pictures in up to 99 menus. Neroburn will only allow a maximum of 99 pictures per CD. Burn the CD as vcd. Mind you even looking at your own holiday snaps gets a bit boring after the 50th picture of granny on the beach with ice cream. I tend to make lots of small slideshows containing around 15 to 20 pictures in each. Not so boring and you don't have to show them all.

  Tigger2 11:22 08 Jan 2004

Thanks guys interesting stuff......

Am I limited to running a slide show though or can I just search through the pictures using the DVD remote control

  stlucia 12:59 08 Jan 2004

I think it depends on exactly what software you're using, but in principle you have several options. My experience which follws relates to DVDs, but I'm sure the principle applies equally to VCDs.

The software I use (Sonic MyDVD, which came bundled with my DVD burner) allows me to create a menu which you can then select from using the DVD remote control. So you could have groups of your snaps under different menu headings, selectable by remote control. You can pre-select (when making your slideshow) whether or not you want it to change slide automatically at x seconds intervals, or not. If you select automatic, you can still pause or move forward using the DVD remote control when playing it.

  Inky 13:48 08 Jan 2004

I bought a Pacific DVD player from Asda recently (£42.99) and it plays jpegs from a browser window, mpegs, SVCDs, avi's, in fact everything I've thrown at it so far!

  Sheila-214876 14:11 08 Jan 2004

You can use the remote to find a picture but the CD still has to be burnt as a VCD though. It won't do it like "fast forward" as in a movie you will have to press the button one at a time, and it will still be limited to only 99 pics using Nero. It might be possible to make separate Folders on the CD and have 99 pics each using Multisession. I haven't tried that yet though. On second thoughts don't think that will work because how do you change Folders on a DVD player? So you might find you are limited to 99 pics per CD - lot of wasted space.

  Tigger2 21:37 08 Jan 2004

My DVD player is an apparently all singing all dancing Panasonic recordable jobbie but it doesn't like jpegs or the like...DVDs, CD, CD-R no cost a damn sight more than Inkys Pacific unit too!!!!

Ah well!!!

The Sonic My DVD used by stlucia looks to be exactly what I want but unfortunately I can only use cds as my PC is a bit too slow to handle a DVD burner!! Anyone know of CD burning software that offers the same facilities as the sonic software???

  stlucia 08:37 09 Jan 2004

Even though it came with my DVD burner, Sonic will burn a CD (as a VCD) as well.

  g0nvs 14:49 10 Jan 2004

I don't print pictures anymore. After a lot of research and trying lots of different programs, I decided to stay with ProShow Gold. With this program you can add your own background music, loads of different transition effects and burn to SVCD and VCD etc. Never had a failure, a superb program. Take a look here click here

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