s99Raj 12:26 24 Apr 2011

I'm trying to install a BT Voyager 1055 USB Wireless Adapter under Windows 7. I've read here and there that it can work but have found no clear instructions as to how. I've tried installing it under XP Compatibility mode but still can't get it to work. Anyway, during the installation I get a message box come up saying "Please add VID/PID". I know the VID and PID for the device but what do I do with them? Where do I enter them? Does anyone know? Thank you.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:31 24 Apr 2011

Works OK in a 32bit system so assume you are trying to install in a 64bit system.

64 bit Vista drivers will do the job in W7

BT Voyager 1055 USB Wireless Adapter requires the two driver files 'rndismpx.sys' and 'usb8023x.sys'.

Downloaded the latest Vista driver from the BT website HERE and then before running the install program right click on the install file, selected Properties,
Click on the compatibility tab and select run this program as Windows Vista SP2.

  s99Raj 23:00 24 Apr 2011

Hi Fruit Bat,

I'm actually trying to get it to work in a 32 bit system and have tried the 32 bit Vista drivers. Do you suggest using the 64 bit Vista drivers under 32 bit Windows 7?

  s99Raj 23:05 24 Apr 2011

I've tried extracting the Vista files but can't see rndismpx.sys or usb8023x.sys amongst them.

  s99Raj 23:30 24 Apr 2011

Where would I put rndismpx.sys or usb8023x.sys ?

It now seems to be partially working. The desktop pc is downstairs and my DLink wireless router is upstairs, almost directly above. The wireless adapter cannot see my wireless connection yet finds one, which probably belongs to a neighbour. My laptop and mobile phone both pick up my wireless router, so I know it's working. Why could the BT Voyager not see my wireless router?

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