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  phil 22:20 21 Sep 2004

I have been asked to put a video onto a clients website but all I get so far is the downloadable video clip.

What the client wants is for the video to stream and open up in Media Player etc.

What coding do I need to achieve that?

  Forum Editor 00:19 22 Sep 2004

and how easy/difficult it is will depend on your level of expertise and your pocket.

From what you say it looks as if you already have the video file, is that the case? It must be edited and compressed in one of the video editing software applications like Adobe Premiere. Many professionals use an application called Avid, but this costs around $6500 for the studio version so unless you're in this for a living it's probably not a valid option.

If you have your file (saved as an .avi) you're off to a good start, and now I suggest that you
click here

  number21online 21:17 06 Oct 2004

Embeding video on to a web site is a piece of cake!! (almost)

Forget Real Player (sorry Forum Editor). Go to Microsofts Knowledge base at and dig out the article 'Adding Windows Media to Web Pages (Windows Media Technologies Technical Articles)' also article 285154 - HTML Code for embedding Windows Media Content. These articles tell you exactly what to do to stream video.

To capture and compress video download Windows Media Encoder from (free) it can also be used to stream live video from a webcam.

Alternatively go to my web site click here and copy the code from there. (view source code on webcam page and an archive video page). Doing this will give you the code but not explain how to do it. Good luck with your project.

  phil 21:49 06 Oct 2004

Thanks Malc. I've had a quick look and will come back to it when I get a free hour or two.

I did see similar code on other websites but when I did the same I got some strange results until I found one, I know not where, that seemed to work.

I have now done the video clip for the client but with differing results.

On my own PC at home (XP) it starts up a download dialogue and I have to view it in isolation. This also happens on my clients XP machine.

At work I use W2000 and on that PC a Windows Media screen opens up in the corner and runs the vid just as I intended.

Is this normal?

As I said, once I get a chance I'll change the code.

Would you take a look at his site and tell me where I've gone wrong please.

click here

  number21online 14:04 07 Oct 2004

Phil, I have had a look at the web site and you have linked directly to the video file which will open and play in media player just like a CD or DVD would.

To get what you want you need to create a new page which opens as a javascript pop-up the dimensions you want, and have media player embeded on that page. Repeat this for each video that you wish to have on the web site. Embeding media player on a page allows you to control how it will appear on that page i.e. show/not show controls, width and height of video, status bar, autostart, etc. You can then link to these pop-up pages from your main page. The beauty of embeding is that a visitor to the web site who does not have media player can have it downloaded automatically immediately with out hassle.

Finally you need to create a redirector Windows Media Metafile which is a text file with an .wvx extension containing the link to your actual .wmv video file. This metafile is the link that you include in the embeded media player code. You need to create a metafile for each video on the web site. Upload the new pages, .wmv video files and the .wvx metafiles and bingo it all works (hopefully).

I can not stress strongly enough the need to visit article 'Adding Windows Media to Web Pages' (just type it into their search box) and print off this five page article for reference. It is difficult to explain what to do in an 800 word forum and the microsoft article is excellent.

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