Is this a video virus?

  edennorman 11:29 09 Feb 2008


I am having problems playing videos on my PC, any format has the same problem, which is the colours are extremely distorted making watching it impossible.

It does not matter what player I use the situation stays the same.

I have tried installing various codecs with no changes in the problem.

This morning for some reason I could get one video file to work properly in it's true colours, but none of the other videos I have will play.

Can anyone help me with this.

Thank you


  brundle 11:34 09 Feb 2008

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The answer is no. The problem is drivers or codecs, failing hardware, mis-configured software.
Most likely codecs going by the other thread.

Try this click here

I realise it says XP only but try it anyway, most XP software works with 2k.

Otherwise use this - click here open it and drag and drop a problem file onto it. Examine the video codec field and find a replacement/update for that codec.

It's included in the KLite codec pack too, I think you access it using the Send To menu

  edennorman 13:53 09 Feb 2008

Thank you brundle for the tips.

I have done as you suggest, I downloaded sherlok and was told I had 146 codecs installed, probably because I have the K-lite pack installed.

I ran Gspot and was told that both the audio and video codecs were fine.

So, not the codecs it seems.

You mentioned: "The problem is drivers or codecs, failing hardware, mis-configured software.

So what about drivers, is it as simple as searching google for a windows 2000 driver on the net?

What is misconfigured software in this case.

Thank you again Brundle


  johnnyrocker 14:25 09 Feb 2008

you appear not to have answered my question previously asked?

click here


  johnnyrocker 15:37 09 Feb 2008

another waste of time?


  edennorman 15:57 09 Feb 2008


Sorry for not informing you johnrocker, in fact I did try the VLC player and the problem still remains.

Also if there were a copyright issue it would have shown up before, but these videos have been played many times before.

So the battle continues.

Hardware problem? Software configuration?

I keep paddling.


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