Video transfer

  281apple 07:31 06 Jul 2005

Could someone tell me how to input a video film to my computer video from my camcorder (Magnétoscope in Frech) if I do not have a 1394 Output connection on my camcorder. On my camcorder I have an RCA yellow output slot and also a Super VHS output slot. I can do it easily on a friend's DVD Recorder but how to do it on a PC?

  scotty 08:40 06 Jul 2005

The output from your camcorder is analogue. You need to convert the output to digital format for transfering video to pc. The solution is to fit a video capture card to your pc. A Google search will give you many options. The Pinnacle Dazzle products may do what you want. These are external devices which attach to the pc via USB or firewire ports.

  LAP 08:40 06 Jul 2005

Without a firewire connection I think it's a none starter. Back to the top^

  281apple 11:24 06 Jul 2005

Thanks Scotty. I tried it with a Dazzle Hollywood DV-Bridge without success but I'll try again. I think you are right to say that installing an analogue capture card might do the trick. I'll check it cause Dazzle ain't that dazzling for me. Thanks for the tip.

  jbaker65 15:00 06 Jul 2005

I use an Avermedia DVD ezmaker gold analogue capture card along with uLead Video Studio software and find them both quite easy to use. The capture card can be bought for about £30-35 or up to £20 on eBay. The card does not have TV reception but I prefer it for that.

  De Marcus 15:03 06 Jul 2005

You could always buy a pcmcia firewire card £10.39 inc vat+delivery from click here

  De Marcus 15:05 06 Jul 2005

Link didn't quite work, just type pcmcia firewire into the search box

  fishstik 21:03 06 Jul 2005

I use Videoh!CD by Adaptec £40 ,USB connection.

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