Video slows down during playback but not audio!

  vinalspin 16:00 25 Mar 2009

Had to do a fresh install of vista on my laptop, since then all movie files start ok but the video slows down during playback but the audio is normal. All movie files were on the original OS and played fine before! Please help, i only use it for viewing media really and now it's useless!

Advent 9515, amd turion 64 x2 TL60, amd,ati radeon x1250, 160gig sata, 4gig 667mhz ram, windows vista home premium genuine. Matt.

  Stuartli 16:10 25 Mar 2009

Install the latest Full Pack of K-Lite Codecs from:

click here

or the Vista Codec Package from:

click here

  vinalspin 16:20 25 Mar 2009

Have installed K-lite + ac3 + cccp + xvid codecs and it made no difference at all!

  vinalspin 17:02 25 Mar 2009

Stil no help, pc is next to useless unless i can view media on it as that's 99% of it's purpose! Please help!

  kiromano 05:29 05 Apr 2009

Have you had any luck with this. I have the same issue. I thought it might be the graphics card, but I have an nvidia card... so far, I have found that if I go into the task manager click on "showw processes from all users", then vind the svchost.exe with highest amount of memory usage and end that process, I can recoup the video speed. Sometimes I may have to do it twice, and then the video plays normal. It does bring some wierdness to the screen, like the start bar looks like windows 3.1, but it's the best I've come up with so far.

If anyone out there can help, please do so. It's so anoying.

  vinalspin 11:53 06 Apr 2009

I've managed to get round the problem not solve it by installing KMPlayer which uses preloaded codecs, plays everything perfect and very easy to use, just set default to open with this ok.

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