video screen capture

  dlguk 14:49 12 Feb 2011


I would like to be able to save things like tutorials, you tube videos etc. I tried a few and found NCH Debut the easiest to use but the audio is out of sync with the video.
Can anyone recommend an alternative?

Thank you.

  rawprawn 16:36 12 Feb 2011

Real Player will do it easily (It incorporates a Downloader)click here
Or Orbit Downloader click here

  dlguk 17:03 12 Feb 2011

Hi, yea I used to use Realplayer, as i I moused over a clip I would get the option of downloading it, which I used. It stopped working and i have tried d/loading it again but no joy :(

  rawprawn 20:50 12 Feb 2011

Re install it, then uninstall it using Revo Uninstaller (free version) at Advanced level. Reboot, and Re install Real Player.

  dlguk 14:12 13 Feb 2011

I carried out your instruction to the letter, RealPlayer still won’t work as it used to. I am using the free (Basic) version.

  adam0718 16:31 14 Feb 2011

Try My Screen Recorder. It is extremely easy to use, and creates standard AVI or Windows Media format files. It always keeps my screen recording audio/video in synchronization. You can download it here: click here. If you are mostly downloading from YouTube or web media, I suggest using Digital Media Converter Pro - click here

  rawprawn 17:33 14 Feb 2011

I'm sorry that didn't work for you. I'm afraid I don't know why, but I suggest Orbit Downloader (my other link) It's free and works well.
click here

  johnincrete 08:18 15 Feb 2011

My Screenn Recorder "easy to use". Not to me it wasn't. In fact, I can't make head or tail of it!
I had a video playing and clicked the record button & it told me it was recording. Stopped it but no trace of the recording & no help to find it.
Tried with video full screen but then cannot get to the recorder control screen.
The video was click here
Using Firefox because since I tried Rawprawn's recommendation & then uninstalled GEDIT, video won't play in IE

  rdave13 08:36 15 Feb 2011

Two more to try,
YouTube downloader; click here

aTube Catcher; click here
Remember to untick boxes for toolbars etc., when downloading.

  dlguk 15:23 15 Feb 2011

Thank you all who contributed, YouTube Download, what a breeze, I didn’t expect to get such a neat program for free. I am a subscriber to CNet and get their newsletter yet didn’t think to look there (what a numpty),
Ty once again to you all even if what you suggested didn't work for me it’s good to have a go and for others to try.

  britto 18:18 15 Feb 2011

I use the You Tube downloader it's good and can convert some formats, as a Firefox user i also have this addon
click here
it sits on the toolbar for convenience

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