Video Problem

  Abel 17:12 04 Dec 2008

I last posted on this problem on 30th November see: click here, to which I received no response. The problem, It seems, is not the monitor but the computer itself. Can anyone suggest a possible reason why my compter is not sending a signal to the monitor? I've swapped-out the video card as well as purchasing new cabling between computer and monitor, but still the monitor says 'No Signal'


  Technotiger 17:28 04 Dec 2008

Have you tried a different monitor?

Or have you tried that monitor on a different PC?

  Abel 17:40 04 Dec 2008

Thanks for coming back Technotiger. Yep, done all that. The exact problem occurred on two separate computers with two separate monitors. Fortunately, I managed to get the one I'm sending this on back from the dead, and haven't turned it off since. I've tried both flat panel and CRT monitors with the same outcome. The second machine is still out of action for the same reason.


  Technotiger 17:49 04 Dec 2008

Hmm, seems very odd that it is happening to both - have you done a complete and thorough check of ALL connections inside and outside of the PC? Check all cables at each end, check all boards connected to Mobo, check all RAM sticks, ie remove and replace!

Have the PC's got the latest codecs click here

  Stuartli 17:57 04 Dec 2008

It could be that you have too high a resolution and/or refresh rate configuration for the monitors.

A similar problem was raised in this thread:

click here

It can proved difficult to solve - it's fortunately only happened to me once, with a Banshee Voodoo graphics card...:-)

  Abel 17:59 04 Dec 2008

I like your train of thought Technotiger. I've recently added some extra RAM to my main machine which is networked to the second computer. However, the second machine has not been touched internally. Could my activity of installing extra RAM in the host computer, have the same effect on both monitors? I'm terrified to switch the main computer off for fear that I'll be left stranded.


  Abel 18:07 04 Dec 2008

Thanks Stuartli. The resolution and refresh rate have remained unchanged for more than a year now and until recently, everything's been perfectly OK. I'm wondering if the fact that my two machine are networked has any bearing on the matter. See my response to Technotiger.


  Technotiger 18:28 04 Dec 2008

Separate the two PC's - keep the working one as it is. Try everything else to get the other one working without it being networked first.

  Abel 20:09 04 Dec 2008

Thanks Technotiger that's my intention. I'll come back, with or without success,


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