Video Plus Numbers

  Wilham 20:13 06 Jul 2006

I find Video Plus very useful. I set the
TV program number on my recorder a day or two in advance, and feel pretty sure any later change of timing will be taken care of by PDC (Programme Delivery Control).

I use the D Telegraph 'Seven Day TV and Radio Guide' for the data, it is delivered every Saturday. Until it arrives I don't know the day's programme Video Plus numbers.

Is there a way I can find the weekend TV video codes on Friday, please? The obvious places I've looked, such as teletext, so far haven't included Video Plus info.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 20:17 06 Jul 2006
  Flying Teddy 20:28 06 Jul 2006

Just for the record, VideoPlus is not the same thing as PDC.

VideoPlus decodes the numbers that the user copies from a listing and automatically sets the VCR's timer. Thus, if a programme's start time changes AFTER the listing is printed, the recording will fail - i.e. start early or late. Thus it is usually advantageous to get your VideoPlus codes from daily listings - e.g. newspapers - to get the latest versions of the code.

PDC uses information transmitted by the broadcaster as a 'hidden' part of teletext, and uses that to start the VCR at the appropriate time. It is therefore more reliable than VideoPlus in catching late changes, provided that the changes are scheduled by the broadcaster. Last minute over-runs will not be caught by either system, unless the broadcaster can change their internal transmission schedule on a minute-by-minute basis, and thus cause the PDC signal to be ammended. Neither system works infallibly.

To answer the original question, the listings magazines (TV Times, Radio Times etc.) are, I think, published on a Thursday, and will carry the videoPlus numbers. NB 'VideoPlus' is a copyrighted trade mark.

  Wilham 20:36 06 Jul 2006

Arthur Scrimshaw: Very useful, will give Saturday's. I've just asked my newsagent, he suggested adding the Radio Times to my order. I declined when he said it was 95p a week and is only 24hr ahead of D Tel.

Is it pie in the sky to hope for Sat and Sunday video Plus web info on Friday?

Thanks AS

  Arthur Scrimshaw 20:51 06 Jul 2006

"Is it pie in the sky to hope for Sat and Sunday video Plus web info on Friday" - It's already there, in fact the RT website lists the next two weeks programmes and includes Videoplus. You can use the drop down box below 'TV Listings' to select a day - hit 'Go' and it will display that days programmes. Simply double click on your desired programme and it will launch a new window which includes the videoplus number.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 20:58 06 Jul 2006

You can personalise the RT web page by creating a user account, this lets you select which channels you display and it remembers you preferences when you visit the page again (as long as you don't delete the cookies for the site)

  Wilham 21:08 06 Jul 2006

Flying Teddy: I'm sure you are right. Possibly it is Panasonic that combines Video Plus and PDC together in my DMR-E95H? After I've entered and verified the entry I select PDC as an option.

In my Video Plus notes it says...'As long as a PDC signal is being broadcast by the TV station, even if the the broadcast programme time changes, the recording time automatically changes to match the new broadcast time.' Works OK.

I see Thursday mags like RT would give me 48 rather than 24hr advantage. I pay for D TEL anyway. Hoping for a Fri web source for Sunday. (Antiques Road Show fan)

Thanks FT

  Wilham 21:18 06 Jul 2006

Arthur Scrimshaw: That's brilliant. First try I could only get 'tomorrow'. I've also a cookie blocker, and will attend to that.

Made my day...Thanks!

  Arthur Scrimshaw 21:20 06 Jul 2006

Bad news on the Antiques Roadshow though - I checked Sunday and it's not on - blame the World Cup!

  Wilham 21:38 06 Jul 2006

Arthur Scrimshaw: Ah well, I expect they will send out the Road Show a later date.

I'm still amazed with your RT website info. I won't tell my newsagent, though.

  johnnyrocker 23:10 06 Jul 2006

i take it you are not in the uk as pdc here it is pretty much useless.


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