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  Graphicool1 17:04 28 Nov 2010


Some time ago I bought a bit of kit to burn a video to DVD. In the interim I've managed to misplace the software disc and instruction sheet that presumably came with it?

I am now ready to transfer a video to DVD. I have a Video player, in to which I have plugged the scart from the device. The contraption is by 'TEVION' and is quite simple. The leads from the scart pass through a small controller that has a led light and a button? From the other end of the controller is the USB lead to put in the PC.

I conected everything then let the PC find a driver for it, which it did and told me it was ok. However ~ unlike other USB hardware ~ this USB connection doesn't show itself in 'My Computer' or anywhere else?

A light comes on, on the controller. But only one of the DVD burning software programmes I have see's and allows the video to play on the PC, albeit in a very small box. Although it still won't transfer 'burn' it to a DVD, nor will it safe to a folder?

I have other software that could burn it, but only from a folder containing the video on my PC. It's catch 22.

My question is...'How do I save the Video to my PC?'

  lotvic 11:35 29 Nov 2010

homepage for your Tevion click here (
you can download the manual and software disk (drivers) if you search for your product in dropdown box.

  lotvic 13:33 29 Nov 2010

I'm guessing you have last years model P50628 if so then here is page to download the software disk .iso (709Mb) and manual click here
Included software: Showbiz DVD, Media Converter 2.5, Arcsoft Total Media Extreme

  Graphicool1 15:42 29 Nov 2010

Thanx for this, I did do a Net search before I posted here. What i found were loads and loads of people complaining about the equipment. Mainly regarding lack of sound. What I find odd is the fact that I've got sound when I'm watching it on the PC, however and now you'll know that while I was waiting for replies from PCA I did a little more Web digging and found a site which told me to use Windows Movie Maker, it comes with Windows so no problems. The down side is as I've already hinted at, although I hear the sound when it's playing and incidentally recording to the PC. When i play it back there isn't any sound? Mind you it doesn't really matter because it isn't the sound I want.

The main prob I now have is the slowness of Win Movie Maker. It took 4 hours to download a 55 min vid to my PC. So I think I'll use your link and load the proper software that came with it. Cheers again lotvic G1

  Graphicool1 10:15 30 Nov 2010

I used your link and it shows pictures of ~ it say's ~ ALL Tevion products sold in the UK.

My bit of kit isn't there! The Tevion hardware I bought is a 'Video to DVD converter' of which there isn't one, sad but true!?

  lotvic 11:05 30 Nov 2010

does yours look like the picture on the bottom left? (the cables are not shown in the pic)
in the dropdown box click on '50628-Home DVD Creator' then click on 'Get Support' and it takes you to the download page for manual etc. The driver is on the Software Disk as well as the other software but you may need a product key for one of progs - it would have been on the paper sleeve on your original Disk.

OR If it is an old product then click on 'Old Products' then click on FQA's 'I cannot find my product' > 'Click here to go to the page containg the older products' > and a page opens with pictures of the older products, it might be on there.

<<Funny thing is I have got 'Kworld DVD Maker' and mine is on that page of old ones as 'Dvd-Maker VS-USB2800' and there is link for me for my manual and driver from Kworld - how about that then :-)>>

  Graphicool1 11:44 30 Nov 2010

Thanx for getting back to me. Even curiouser the serial number on mine is also VS-USB2800D, as yours but with a 'D' added.

As for looking like '50628-Home DVD Creator' no nothing like that. It looks more like the '50529 Audio Converter' top line on the page with pictures, at the end, on the right. This in fact is the closest looking thing on the page. I've been through all the pictures with products for other countries and mine is not there.

The controller bit is about 4 inches long X 1.75 inches wide X half an inch thick and white in colour. On one side it has the serial number and on the other it has the word 'Tevion', a 'Green' led light and a 'Silver' button to press?

Out of one end are 4 short leads each has a plug jack. Yellow (video), A Red one and a White one (for left and right audio) and one that a mic can be plugged into for voice over.

There is a set of long leads - of which - both ends contain plugs, a white, a red and a yellow.

At the other end of the controller there are two long leads. One has a USB plug on the end, the other has an audio plug (for the mic)

Then, there is a seperate scart plug, with jacks for the three coloured plugs.

  lotvic 12:27 30 Nov 2010

Yes, mine has a D on the end.
VS-USB2800D that's exactly same label only mine is badged as KWorld
Go to click here page

Looks like we have both got the same thing, and I have the disk (If you want PM me and I'll send copy on cd as it doesn't look like you can d/load it anymore)

I have d/loaded the .swf # Video Instructions screencast - video tutorials
# How to setup the dvd-maker
which is very good, I now know which settings I should be using, something I was never very sure about. Maybe you have kickstarted me to get to use the darned thing at long last. It's been stuck in a box for a couple of years (xmas present)

  Graphicool1 13:20 30 Nov 2010

Thank you for your offer to send me a copy of the disk. However, I noticed in the frequently asked questions at your link, the following...

It comes with 2 CD's..."PVR Plus and Power Producer Gold. Which one should I use?
Only PVR Plus is described in the manual, however Power Producer Gold can do the same and more. PVR Plus is recommended for the novice user and Power Producer Gold for the more experienced user. The manual for Power Producer can be found on the Power Producer CD"

As it happens I have the 'power Producer gold' (PPG) cd, I wondered where I got it from? Now I know. So, as Windows has already installed the gizmo for me and I know it works, because I have aready made and saved an - albeit silent - movie to my PC. It looks like I'm all set to give it another go and hopefully PPG will be faster and with more editing features than Windows movie Maker. Also, thanks to your latest link and the Q&A section, I think I may have the sound problem sussed.

Still, at least I know that if things don't go according to plan I can always post you on PCA for a copy of the PVR disk. Thanx again for all your help and potential support. May I also add that I hope my questions do spur you into video action too. Cheers G1 ¦¬)

  T0SH 13:27 30 Nov 2010

From within your DVD maker program look under the file menu for something like Import opening this should show the available Source devices including your USB device for you to select

It should show up in device manager by expanding the Imaging Devices heading only if the driver installed without errors

Cheers HC

  lotvic 13:55 30 Nov 2010

I haven't got Power Producer cd.
I've got 4 disks, 'Driver, User Manual & Utilities' cd.
I also got PowerDirector, PowerDVD and Nero Essentials, (3 more separate dvd's) with mine.
Seems you already have a driver as it's up and running.
Glad my link helped. When you have got it sussed I might be asking your advice if I run into difficulties - seem to have a mass of cables new & old - all mixed up.

Thanks T0SH that info is useful to me also.

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