video on to mp5

  scooter1957 10:59 09 Aug 2008

Hi out there i got an mp3/4/5 player. I have put photos on and music on and it works OK. but when i try to put video on from my PC hard drive it goes on to players 2gb of memory OK put it will not play can anybody tell me what i am doing wrong.
Cheers Scooter

  Ditch999 15:25 09 Aug 2008

Each video player supports different formats and within those different formats there are different settings in relation to resolution, bit rate and audio.

You need to read your manual carefully and see exactly what format and settings you need to encode the video at. A populat one is: mp4 container, H264 video at 320x240 resolution, 720kpbs. AAC audio at 48kbps.

You usually get software with the players to convert video files to the right specification

  scooter1957 18:40 09 Aug 2008

There was no software with this player it is new
in the advert it said you do not need to convert video with this player. I will get back on to were i brought it from. do you no if i can i change the formant off the video i have taken so it will work on this player.
Thank you ditch999 . scooter

  Ditch999 18:45 09 Aug 2008

Yes you can use the free converter Super© click here

Also see this previous post click here

  scooter1957 20:23 09 Aug 2008

I will try it ditch Cheers Alan

  scooter1957 21:21 09 Aug 2008

Hi Ditch i tried software you said twice it work OK and it played on mp5 player but sound kept bracken up i
will try again Cheers scooter

  Ditch999 23:38 09 Aug 2008

Try a different audio codec instead of AAC. Maybe MP3?

  scooter1957 07:53 10 Aug 2008

I set video output to 800x480 on some tv from bbc2
and then converted it. than it plays ok but now the sound is out i will get there in the end
Thanks for your help Ditch Scooter

  scooter1957 09:16 10 Aug 2008

Hi ditch
i am using prism video converter the settings i am using are
video output options 800x480
output format avi
audio video interleave encoding settings are
video compressor MPEG4(native)
sound compressor MP3(native)
sound format 32000hz 96 kps stereo
when i convert it using these setting it plays ok in prism. you can play it to see if it is ok and it plays and sounds ok put when i copy it to mp5 player it plays ok but the sound it still out
i am getting there slowly. Cheers Scooter

  Ditch999 19:12 10 Aug 2008

The manual for the video player should state what format video and audio should be in. It might be a case of trial and error. If the video is OK then leave it alone and try changing audio from MP3 to AC3 or PCM.

"in the advert it said you do not need to convert video with this player" - If this is so then try video as mpeg2 and audio as mpeg3 or AC3

  scooter1957 18:55 11 Aug 2008

I will keep trying cheers ditch. scooter

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