Video jumpy and PC sluggish.

  loser7 22:28 06 Oct 2007

I am running a fairly average PC with windows xp, 2.66Ghz celeron cpu 512RAM and Radion 9200LE graphics card.
I recently took parts out of my system to troubleshoot a problem with another PC. These parts include RAM, CPU, PSU and graphics. All the parts have been replaced and double checked (for loose connections etc.) but there seems to be a problem. My PC is running very slow videos are jumpy and i can not open more than one program at any one time without it practically stopping. I run two ant-spyware programs and ad-aware also regfix and ccleaner and AVG. The hard disc does not need defragged and when i run SiW it tells me all my hardware is ok. Is there anything else i can try? Thanks for reading.

  Technotiger 22:33 06 Oct 2007

Look in Processes to see if anything is hogging the CPU. Ctrl-Alt-Del then click on Processes.

  loser7 22:38 06 Oct 2007

Everything seems normal in processes. The biggest usage is explorer @ 21,000 K

  Technotiger 22:44 06 Oct 2007

No, not under Memory usage - look under CPU see what the highest % usage is. Apart from System Idle Process near the bottom which is usually about 87% and which is normal, see if anything else has a reading in the 90-99% range - if there is such a reading then that is what is slowing the pc.

  Technotiger 22:45 06 Oct 2007

Also I assume that when you replaced the CPU that you did use the correct amount of Thermal Paste.

  loser7 22:47 06 Oct 2007

Oh sorry cpu usage is around 10%

  loser7 22:49 06 Oct 2007

ahh... thermal paste. I took the cpu out, used it on another PC and replaced maybe 10 min later. I did not know i had to use paste. Could this be the problem?

  Technotiger 22:54 06 Oct 2007

A great big Yes!!

  loser7 22:57 06 Oct 2007

Thanks for your time on this one Technotiger i will get some paste tomorrow and slop it on. Would you suggest i tick this thread as solved or wait to see how i get on?

  Technotiger 23:00 06 Oct 2007
  Technotiger 23:00 06 Oct 2007

Wait to see how you get on.

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