Video input - no signal.

  The Kestrel 17:52 23 Jan 2009

My wife's PC was operating normally on shut down last night. This evening when she switches on, the PC loads up as normal, but monitor says that there is no signal being received. I have removed, checked and replaced the video cable at both the monitor and PC ends with no result. I have also tried my monitor with her PC and still get the same fault, so problem must be at the PC end.

The PC is a Maxdata bought from Ebuyer a couple of years ago. The graphics are integrated onto the motherboard, so no graphics card involved. OS is XP Home.

Can anyone suggest if there is anything else I can try before resorting to a repairer?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:06 23 Jan 2009

Certainly sounds like a duff graphics chip.

However check there are no disks in any drives and all Usb devices are unplugged before booting.

Check and clean all dust in the machine.

Buying a cheap graphics card and installing yourself would probably be cheaper than sending for repair.

  PC Bilbo 18:16 23 Jan 2009

Have you tried going into the BIOS at start & checking that onboard graphics is still the selected option?

  ambra4 18:27 23 Jan 2009

Remove and re-seat the memory chips

  woodchip 18:30 23 Jan 2009

Just posted on other side for you

  woodchip 18:32 23 Jan 2009

PC Bilbo how is he going to do that with a blank screen

ambra4 onboard graphics

  ambra4 18:35 23 Jan 2009

"ambra4 onboard graphics"


  ambra4 18:39 23 Jan 2009

Reseat the memory modules, if more that one tries then one at a time if only one change

the socket to the other one

If still not working try a difference memory module 64, 128, 256Mbs, etc of the correct

type and see if the display come up, if it does you have bad memory modules

Size of the memory modules does not matter, as you only want to check the display come


  The Kestrel 19:06 23 Jan 2009

Hi ambra4 thanks for contributing. The PC only has 1 512K stick of memory installed, which I have checked with no change occuring. Unfortunately I don't have any other memory sticks to try as an alternative.

  The Kestrel 16:35 26 Jan 2009

It turns out that the motherboard is dead and not worth repairing due to age of PC and cost. Off to do some research for a new PC for the wife. Has anyone bought the Zoostorm click here from ebuyer and got any feedback for me?

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