Video file name adopted by other files?

  geedad 21:14 28 Sep 2011

Hard to describe this one! I recorded a short video with my Cannon camera. Copied to my PC via mini USB. Played it back to check, and that was fine. I renamed the video file (call it "TREE" for simplicity). Just browsing my "Pictures" folder, I was presented with 15 files named "TREE"! They were numbered (suffixed) numerically up to the number 15. When I hovered the mouse over each file, with the exception of the first one, they all had different images of my previous images! The first one was the original one and that was fine, but how on earth did the other files adopt the same name? I have never experienced this sort of thing before, so can anyone throw any light on this, please? geedad

  ACOLYTE 21:22 28 Sep 2011

Only this i can think of is there was more than 1 file on the USB?,i know if i copy files from my camera to the pc and i rename one file all the files that i copy in that go are renamed with it to the same name.They are not all the same picture though,that bit i have no clue about.

  geedad 21:52 28 Sep 2011

ACOLYTE Thanks for your reply. The files that were 'taken over' with the same same as my re-named file, originally all had different names. They all have the same name "TREE" now, but hovering over each one, I see the different images as they should be. I intend to re-name them back to their original file names when I cross check them with my external drive. This is still a mystery to me, and I shall be a bit nervous about changing names of files in future. But I would still like to know why it happened. geedad

  theDarkness 23:10 28 Sep 2011

Im not sure im understanding this usual-hey, its late :) - you transferred a single video file from your camera to the pc, renamed it, and then when you opened your picture folder you had pictures that now all had the same name as your video?

I dont understand what you mean by "they all had different images of my previous images". Did you transfer pictures from your camera at the same time as the video onto your pc, accidentally writing over the original images that were there? If you are talking about images as in thumbnails, and hovered over each file and it showed the wrong thumbnail, then that sounds like a memory/cache issue, with the system being slow in reading each new file, that was written over another of the same name-being slow updating to a new thumbnail when you hovered over it with the mouse. I have had this happen with very large files on a system running on low ram memory. Open the picture or file to know its true content-dont rely on the thumbnail. I hope you didnt lose all your old pictures.

The renaming problem does sound strange-ive seen a multiple rename happen before whilst renaming one single file, but only on corrupt memory sticks/SD cards. Did you transfer your camera files (your video) onto an internal hard drive?

  geedad 11:51 30 Sep 2011

theDarness. Yes, a single video from my camera, renamed to something legible. Opened Picture folder,15 other images took the same name. Hovering over each one, it showed the original photo intact in each 15 cases, and not altered in any way bar the title. Yes, the video was transferred from my video camera to my hard disk. I hope this clarifies my rather inept attempt at describing the problem by my confusing remark "they all had different images of my previous images"! My PC is modern with Windows 7, Home Premium, i5 Intel, 4GB ram IE9. I do thank you for your concern about my original images. They ARE safe, because, always, as a precaution, I back them up to an external drive as soon as I can. So that's a wise precaution based on past experience! But it is a mysterious thing to happen, and I will keep an eye on my next tranfer very closely! Thank you very much again. geedad

  theDarkness 23:08 04 Oct 2011

Its good to hear that you have backed up all your important files onto an external hard drive. I would run a full antivirus scan on the hard drive to make sure its in good working order. Perhaps you had too many programs or processes running at once, and something such as very low ram caused an odd out of the blue conflict. Its very hard to tell. If it happens again in future, I would run a windows error check. I would also make sure that the internal hard drive you are having the rename problem on is firmly connected before switching the system on, and run a hard drive health check. The manufacturer of a hard drive usually has a diagnostic tool on its official website that you can use to test its health (for example Seagate hard drives can use Seatools). If the problem doesnt turn out to be a windows 7 bug, and happens again, then I would suspect that your internal hard drive or ram might be the route of the problem, but thats a very rough guess.

Were the pictures on your pc that were renamed for no reason, originally transferred from the camera? If they were from your camera, then perhaps the cameras memory (and therefore these files) were already corrupt. If it doesnt ever happen again, your system is clean and the hardware (pc and camera) continue to fully function, then I have no answer! Perhaps someone else has a better understanding, but good luck-I would definately keep an eye on that particular hard drives health if your system has no issues itself :)

  robin_x 23:27 04 Oct 2011

Shouldn't it be in Videos not Pictures?

Mebbe Windows is converting the vid to individual frames?

  geedad 00:11 05 Oct 2011

theDarkness Thanks!

My AVG is running continuously.

No, only one program running at one time.

Internal HD - firmly connected? - can't follow that one!

The HP came with a diagnostic app., and I run that periodically.

Yes, images and video were taken and exported to PC at different times. The video (20fps) from the same camera was exported a couple of days later.

Thanks for your help. geedad

  geedad 00:15 05 Oct 2011

robinofloxley Yes!

I did wonder about this - perhaps I should have opened each folder seperately ( Pictures - Videos), before importing.

Thanks for your suggestion, I will watch that next transfer.


  eedcam 05:35 05 Oct 2011

Generally USB is not used for transfering video from the camera its just for stills what model is your canon and what format the video

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