Video file editing

  cider country bumpkin 22:27 12 Jun 2005

I imagined that editing a video file (AVI or MPEG2) would be like editing a Wav file - open it in Nero wave editor or similar and cut out any unneeded bits. However, all the video editing progs I've tried seem to leave the original file intact and choose bits to put into a movie, whereas I wish to edit the original file. Can anyone suggest software to do this, preferably free and, most important,simple to use! Thanks in advance, David.

  timeteam2004 23:42 12 Jun 2005
  cider country bumpkin 06:50 13 Jun 2005

Thank you. Reckon it might just do the job.

  David4637 17:19 13 Jun 2005

Will it work on XP, the web site does not list XP? There are some strong views that it is not that good - anyone out there tried it. Thanks David

  David4637 15:01 14 Jun 2005


  GroupFC 15:35 14 Jun 2005

Haven't tried it but given the reviews I don't think I will! In theory it should work on XP but one reviewer's comments :- "This is a bitch of a program to use.
It's very slow and locks up in XP....."

  David4637 19:34 15 Jun 2005


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