Video editing software_ which one?

  nelliehob 14:21 14 Feb 2003

Has anyone got any experience of the video editiong harwarwe/software that's currently available. I've been told that Pinnacle studio DC10 is good - any comments folks?

  siouxah1 16:30 14 Feb 2003


have no experience of Pinnacle so cannot comment.

I use 1394 card (fire-wire) and ULead Media Studio Pro V6. This works very well with my equipment and I find it has more than enough capabilities.

The result is either output to Mini DV tape or encoded to SVCD or VCD in Nero and burnt to CD. This output to CD is playable on compatible stand alone DVD players. Plus of course software DVD players on my PC.

The results have been quite reasonable.

Regards Brian.

  y_not 17:34 14 Feb 2003

I'm using Pinnacle Studio 8 software I've used so far.

The screens are intuitive, the software does what it should and the results are........Wow!

You won't go far wrong with it.

  MartinT-B 17:46 14 Feb 2003

Dazzle is also highly recommended

  lixdexik 17:50 14 Feb 2003

And I think it is very good. I would like to upgrade to the newer studio 8 but it requires win xp I think I am right in saying... but watch out before you buy the dc10 because there are conflicts with certain motherboards, as I found out to my cost.. Built a new puter and the dc10 card didnot like the Jetway motherboard...had to reconstruct the old machine on a soyo board to get it working again.. Pinnacle's web site will tell you what motherboards it will work with.
But yes it is very good when it works, very easy to get to grips with and quality is pretty good..
By the way.. the dc10 is not for digital cameras.

Hope this helps..Cheers Lixdexik.

  tes 18:05 14 Feb 2003

I was very happy with Pinnacle dvplus using windows 98 but since upgrading to XP I have to reinstall the driver every time before I can output to VHS.What is more Pinnacle do not seem to want to help or even answer my emails

  rickf 22:20 14 Feb 2003

The new Ulead DVD Movie Factory 2 and Roxio Esay CD & DVD Creator 6 at £25 and £50 respectively have had very good reviews in PC Pro.

  sattman 10:00 15 Feb 2003

Pinnacle 7 seems to be ok but vers 8 can be hell. It is very buggy on some installs, see thier user forum before you buy.

  PhilMeIn 10:40 15 Feb 2003

In the last week i have bought a Samsung DV camcorder , and i to have been looking at different software and for me the choice was Pinnacle 8 or Ulead VideoStudio 6 , having read the problems people were having i purchased the Ulead , and it works great :) . Within 1 hr of loading software i had downloaded from camcorder and produced a SVCD with Menu , titles , fades etc . I use windows 98 SE . Good Luck to you .

  kuhbler 11:41 15 Feb 2003

Ulead Videostudio 6 gives good quality for the price. I really wish that WinProducer 3 had better codecs as the user interface on that is fantastically easy to use and it takes me half the time to do what I want than in VS6. Unfortunately the video quality after you have added music, over dubs etc is terrible.

Been trying to work out how to use Adobe Premier. Still out of my league! :)

  peterleemaxwell 11:51 15 Feb 2003

Pinnacle studio 8 even with the lastest updates
works very well on 'edit', but is a nightmare on
'rendering'. Even with "Top-Notch" gear. Take my advice look elsewhere.

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