Video Editing Software - Suggestions Please!

  JimTigg 18:45 29 Mar 2003

Have had to abandon Pinnacle Studio 8 - too many problems getting it to run reliably - Shame because it was great to use!

Would like recommendations of software you have found to be reasonably priced (under £100) with simple interface and reliable. Is Ulead Video Studio 6 any good?

Currently have only a SiS 6326 8mb graphics card. Would also appreciate recommendations on what I could upgrade to including the ability to capture from an S-VHS video camera. Am I right in thinking that an All-in-Wonder card does this? Again - budget limited to around £100!

Hope you can help - a recommendation is worth more than an expensive advertising budget!!!

  PA28 19:23 29 Mar 2003

I started with Videowave but found it a bit too basic. Not wishing to part copany with a lot of money I tried Editstudio 3 on recommendation, and have stuck with it since. It's pretty easy, contains everything that I need, and wasn't expensive. I think it's on version 4 now, but in event event have a look at click here and you may still be able to download a trial (if your patient, or have bb!).

  rickf 20:42 29 Mar 2003

Try Magix Video 2.0 DeLux. Its been touted as a cheap version of Premiere. Very good review in Windows XP Mag.

  NotsoNewuser 21:11 29 Mar 2003

I got U-Lead 4 with ATI A-I-W card and both worked fine with my analogue camcorder.
Have recently upgraded to v6 of U-Lead, but have not yet done any editing with it.

  JimTigg 18:32 30 Mar 2003

Thanks for the tips so far - I will be investigating them.

Could I ask what model of the ATI A-I-W card you have been using and what connectors & Memory it has?

  JimTigg 13:49 04 Apr 2003

If anyone is looking for a budget video editing package, and can't get Pinnacle studio working you must try "Pure Motion - Edit Studio". Check out the user forum at click here under the 'Service Comments' section!

I checked an old PCA mag and it was rated as a close second to Pinnacle Studio. I must admit that it's not as easy to get to grips with, but with a bit of determination I have found it to be more stable and powerful.

I am now going to click 'resolved' and thank those who responded.

  PA28 18:51 06 Apr 2003

Glad you agree with me - it is good isn't it? I understand that Version 2 was used by Turkish TV for full professional productions (I'm not sure whether that's a recommendation or not!!!).

  Foolsbane_1 19:21 06 Apr 2003

ABC VideoRoll is freeware -

click here

  Kudu 21:03 06 Apr 2003

Great sales pitch.

  JimTigg 15:50 08 Apr 2003

Got more than enough to go with - hope this thread will be helpful for any other new starters!

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