video editing software

  subaru555 20:11 09 Apr 2003

Can anyone help me, i am looking for software in which i can edit my videos from camcorder.Things like laying music over it and cutting bits and bobs out,any help would be great??

  siouxah1 20:21 09 Apr 2003


If you own XP i'm told that it has a built in editor.

If not Then starting at the top end there is Adobe Premiere. Quite expensive but good.

Second Ulead Media studio. Still a bit expensive, but good. Have used this in the VE version which came with firewire card. I liked it. Similar to Premiere.

Then at my price comes Ulead Video Studio which is reasonably priced and easy to use. I have used this and it is quite good.

There are free ones about on the net but some one else will ned to point you in that direction.

If you are going to edit video I assume you will need or have a capture card. This usually comes with some form of edit programme. Maybe you have one already.

Regards Brian j

  NormanD 20:49 09 Apr 2003

Hello subaru555. I have been using Sonic Foundry's Video Factory for some time now and find it does everything I need, does it well and does it at a reasonable speed. It doesn't use storyboard mode it, uses the time line. I chose this software initially because it allows me to split the audio from the video so I can chop and change the video while leaving the soundtrack continuos. Good luck with whichever programme you decide on.

  GroupFC 22:22 09 Apr 2003

If you just enter video in the search box at the top of the page and search titles and threads for the past fortnight you should get some ideas. To get you started here's a couple I've found click here and click here

  sattman 22:40 09 Apr 2003

Pinnacal is either loved or hated, I managed to get it to work on my computor and it is brilliant.

But be aware it is very user unfriendly and can be a nightmare if your mb or other items conflict.

I am assuming you are working digital.

  y_not 06:40 10 Apr 2003

Watching the download bar crawl across the box as I tried out every free trial download I could find!

Finally settled with Pinnacle 8 cause it works for me - as for user unfriendly I've never found it a problem.

Before spashing out hard earned cash why not try the trial versions from different companies - could save you lots of problems later?

  Mysticnas 10:46 10 Apr 2003

Depending on how seriuosly you're taking video editing will decide one what you want to get.

I personally got Premiere 6.5, and find it very useful. I edit all my sound in Sonic Foundery Sound Forge 6 and bung it in with the video in Premiere.

It's a professional tool. So it's good. It's got loads of features that a lot of people who have it may even never use. But just knowing they are there and that you casn use them if you like always helps!

I'd pick that, Adobe Premiere 6.5

Look around you might be able to get it for next to nothing if you look hard enough!

  sattman 16:07 10 Apr 2003


You were one of the lucky ones.

For a insight into Pinnacle problems - have a look at their user forum

It has managed to bring vidio software experts to there knees.

I repeat, if your system is compatible it is good

  Dogger 16:13 10 Apr 2003

I use Pinnacle 8, it does everything that you need, edeting,add music tracks, add sound efects,add your own voice over, and it comes with a great tutorial. give it a try.

  Bagsey 18:15 10 Apr 2003

Premier is great and so it should be at £500. Why not try the freebies first? Any video editing is a learned experience with all software having their (idiosyncracies ???)spelling is not one of my strong suits. So start with simple short videos and work up. The editing software that comes with XP is not brilliant but is basic and simple. The version 2 upgrade certainly adds features. I have been told that it will run under Win 98 but I have no first hand knowledge of this. Must be worth a try. See click here and click here I hope that this helps

  Rhuddlan 18:22 10 Apr 2003

My best bet is Adobe Premiere, but photodeluxe and photoshop are good too, the more expensive the better I say, it really depends on how many photos you want to edit, how often are you going to use this software?, Hope this helps.

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