Video editing problem using Studio9 SE

  williemac28 12:59 10 Jul 2008

Can anyone help please?

I am editing a video 0n Studio 9SE. I have successfully put on voice over throughout and background music for the first half. However I have failed to put background music on mid way(from the same CD) - I keep getting "error report". Furthermore, now when I try to play the unfinished video a message appears asking me to insert the CD. When I do, it starts to copy it and the video won't play. If I cancel the request, the video plays ok as part edited.
Please help an octogenarian.

  johndrew 15:54 10 Jul 2008

If you take the music off does the video run through properly? If so I suggest you make the movie with the voice over then import it and edit it with the music you want. I have found several times that if you try to do all you want in one go problems often occur. I often make short clips and then join them which I find helps processing as well.

You may also find some help at the Pinnacle Forums click here and in the FAQs click here.

Whether the e-mail support would be willing to provide further help I doubt, but it may be worth a try.

  williemac28 22:56 10 Jul 2008

Thanks Johndrew, your tip on using short clips was useful and I have managed to complete the project. Thanks again for your help. Williemac28

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