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  misters 20:50 20 Mar 2009

Hi looking fo some quick help i have two seperate dvd and i would like to extract a part from each dvd and putit onto one dvd can sum one please give me an idiots guide how to do this i have nero 7 and windows movie maker but that doesnt support the video files, is there a simple way of doing this please help.
Thanx in advance

  misters 22:16 20 Mar 2009


  eedcam 22:18 20 Mar 2009

Hi you can do this for fre with DVD shrink this is the link to get it maenwhile i;ll ferret out a guide for you
click here

  misters 22:24 20 Mar 2009

Thanx eedcam its much appreciated, especially if you can give a guide.

  eedcam 22:26 20 Mar 2009

Here's one tutorial if you cant follow that just ask or PM me and I'll walk you through it step by step.Note shrink will use nero to burn thats all it will use it for
click here

  misters 11:12 21 Mar 2009

Hi thanx for the help so far eedcam but when i tried to open the disc in my dvd-drive i got a pop up message saying "DVD shrink encountered a error and cannot continue. Invalid DVD navigation structure".
Is there anyway around this?

  MAJ 11:25 21 Mar 2009

Chances are the DVDs have copy protection. Are these homemade DVDs or bought DVDs?

  eedcam 11:58 21 Mar 2009

As said are they homemade if they are explore them and see what they are they should come up as Video Ts folder .Let us know what shows up if ned be there wil be aworkaround

  misters 13:27 21 Mar 2009

They are homemade and when i explore them there is three folders one called DCIM a second called VIDOE_RM
and the third is VIDEO_TS.

  eedcam 14:05 21 Mar 2009

Ok thas why shrink is baulking now I think if you have the folder open you may be able to drag JUST the Vts folder over to shrink try that please

  misters 16:33 21 Mar 2009

I tried dragging but the same problem any more suggestions wold be much appreciated, thanks.

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