video editing help

  ROB/R 17:14 01 Jun 2004

i am running xp home which editing software is the best and the easiest to use.

  TomJerry 17:19 01 Jun 2004

Cost around £40. For free option, try Microsoft Movie Maker 2.0, but it can only save edited files on microsoft's wma format.

  dth 17:28 01 Jun 2004

About to get BB soon and am a bit confused.

We have one one phone line in the house. With the
phone downstairs and a separate wall socket upstairs that we use to connect to the internet.

Do we need two Phone Splitters or are they needed only if both the phone and p/c connections go from the same wall socket.

Sorry if it is a bit of a silly question!

  Smiler 17:31 01 Jun 2004

You should start a new thread not try to hijack this one.

  GroupFC 17:53 01 Jun 2004


I have just started dabbling in video-editing. My camcorder (a canon) came with some pretty basic software (for the lfe of me I can't remember what it's called!). I have used Moviemaker2, which can be downloaded from Microsoft click here
and is streets ahead of Moviemaker1, which comes bundled with XP.

I beginning to find my way around MM2 and I found some useful tutorials at click here .

As TomJerry says, the project files can only be saved in the native format, but once you have completed the movie, in can be saved in a variety of formats. Before you get started have a good read of the mightycoach articles, or like me you will end up with all sorts of files all over the place!

Good luck!

  TomJerry 19:42 01 Jun 2004


  GroupFC 19:52 01 Jun 2004

I'm at home now. The software which came with the camera (or it may have the firewire as it all came in a box together!), is Newsoft's Presto! VideoWorks 5.0. I use this for capturing the footage from the camera, but then use MM2 for editing, etc.

  Bagsey 20:03 01 Jun 2004

Video editing software is a very personal choice and it really depends on how computer aware you are and how ambitious you are to get to grips with the software. Pinnacle progs tend to be very user friendly and easy to come to terms with while Adobe Premier is an excellent piece of kit BUT is expensive and has a very big learning curve. So you must make a decision for your self about which to go for. I would recomend that you start with a cheap prog like Pinnacle studio 7 through 9 and more importantly dont be too ambitiuos, start with a five minute video rather than an hour long epic. A lot of expert advice can be gleaned from
click here
and click here

  THE TERMINATOR 20:16 01 Jun 2004

Try CyberLink's Power Director Pro, in my opinion the best about for editing converting and burning video's

  dth 20:57 01 Jun 2004

Sorry about posting within this thread must have pressed the wrong button.


Am the same as most here - I use the software
package for capturing the video footage onto
my p/c but use WMM 2 for the actual editing.

  Roadgiant 22:42 01 Jun 2004

A couple of good sites for video editing,help and advice are :-click here and
click here

Both of these sites contain a lot of info for video editing at all levels.

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