Video Editing

  Palken 09:45 16 Jun 2011

Hi I am quite new to computing but want to do some video editing using the 'Power Director' software.

Can anyone tell me what specification of desktop PC I should be looking for please.

  chub_tor 16:38 16 Jun 2011

Requirements for running Power Director 9 Click Here

  Palken 17:17 16 Jun 2011

Thanks for that Chubb

  Palken 17:47 16 Jun 2011

Thxs for that Chub but I am confused.

When I look at Specs for PCs none seem the same as those specified by Power Director.

Would a PC with the following specification be ok -

Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit Processor Type: AMD X4 Chip Type: QUAD Core Processor Speed: 12000 Hard Drive Capacity: 1000 Memory (RAM): 8000 Graphics Processor: ATi Radeon DX10 Series Hard Drive: 1000GB Graphics Memory: 3GB HYPERMEMORY Primary Drive:

I would also like to play online games like WOW and Starcraft

Sorry if I am being a pain.

  ICF 18:35 16 Jun 2011

You can't go wrong if you look at PC's reviewed by PC Advisor.

How much have you got to spend?

  Palken 19:42 16 Jun 2011


Not that much I am on low income but I do want a good system.

  chub_tor 22:07 16 Jun 2011

If your budget is restricted and using ICF's recommendation then even the cheapest of the PCA computer list would suit your needs Click Here although for faster video rendering I would upgrade the RAM to 8Gb and make sure that it comes with the 64bit version of Win7

  Palken 15:53 20 Jun 2011

Thanks for that Chubb

  proudfoot 16:30 21 Jun 2011

I have used various versions of Power Director with no problems. My present PC is an HP Pavilion 2-3 years old. My previous XP PC was 12 years old and also was OK editing and burning discs. Any reasonably fast PC should be fine.

  woodchip 14:44 22 Jun 2011

You do not need nothing that's very advanced. I use a Medion Desktop PC with a 2.3 ghz CPU only 1 Gig of Ram XP Home using Pinnacle Software this does it fine for my JVC Digital Camcorder

  woodchip 14:46 22 Jun 2011

PS you can also use the Free Windows Movie Maker software that will most likely be on your PC and not as intimidating to start with

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