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  franmar 10:29 08 Feb 2007

Could someone help an idiot please. Shot video on my Sony DCR HC19E-mini tape not didgital. Then on my Panasonic DVD/VCR Video player recorder, transferred it to RAM disc. Needs much editing. Copied from RAM disc to my documents/my movies, (XP pro operating system), but could not open transferred file, (windows says does not recognise file extensions BUP, IFO and VRO). I was hoping to edit the video using Roxio Media Creator which I have installed. There must be an easier /better way. Thanks

  johndrew 11:55 08 Feb 2007

I don`t use Roxio, but does it have an `Import` facility on the toolbar?

Usually you would connect either your camera or VCR to a recognised input (capture card) and use the editing software to import it directly. This allows the software to do any conversion it requires.

If you have, somehow, just moved the raw file to your PC you may be able to import it still but may need additional codecs (files that recognise the file extensions above)

If your PC DVD-RW will accept RAM disks you could also import from there into Roxio.

  Woolwell 12:28 08 Feb 2007

I hope that someone else will contradict me but I have not been able to get a VRO file into Roxio. However I only have Easy Media Creator 7. I have found that the best way to view the files is on a DVD write drive.
I will watch this thread wih interest.

  David4637 13:12 08 Feb 2007

Do you mean a *.VOB file, if you do Studio V10 will import it for editting, and export to a BUP, IFO, and VOB for burning- what's a VRO file? David

  De Marcus™ 14:44 08 Feb 2007

.vro files are associated with DVD Ram disks (streaming media), for copying and editing on a pc your better off recording to plain DVD then transferring.

  franmar 15:10 08 Feb 2007

From johndrew, I can't see an import facility on the Roxio toolbar. From the RAM disc I have somehow moved the raw file to my PC, but cannot open it for editing. I'll try the RAM disc in the DVD-RW file and see what that does. Woolwell may be correct in that I cannot get a VRO file into Roxio. For David 4637, I do mean VRO. the imported file has 3 "sections",
VR MANGR.BUP, VR MANGR.IFO, VR MOVIE VRO. I'll also take the point of De Marcus, record to plain DVD.


  johndrew 15:24 08 Feb 2007

If you can`t import from the RAM disk then you need either to transfer from the RAM to a `normal` DVD+/-RW/R disk and import from that (a simple copy across is not likely to work) or import directly from camera/VCR - I would think the latter is the preferred method.

If you have Nero you may be able to make a normal DVD from the RAM details on your PC - I`m not certain of this.

  Woolwell 16:37 08 Feb 2007

The problem is the format VRO. I have had VRO on DVD + and - and could not import it. I have tried converting to VOB with limited success and have had serious sound sync problems.
De Marcus™'s method is probably the best.
Incidentally my problem has been with a Panasonic DVD Camcorder which gives the option to record in V (VOB) or VR (VRO). My son did one or two in VRO and wanted them edited. I am still trying!

  johndrew 20:03 08 Feb 2007

Having not had the (dubious) pleasure of this problem I have difficulty being confident in advice - as I`m sure you can see. But I did say the best method to my knowledge was to import directly from the camera or VCR.

I have made DVDs (VCR to DVD recorder) and imported from those but not everyone has that facility.

For your problem, is it possible to record to VCR from your camera and then import the video?

  Woolwell 20:19 08 Feb 2007

Mustn't hijack the thread but the camera is my son's and he is in Bermuda (NTSC) and I'm in UK (PAL) so VCR option not on. He posted the disc but I also had problems later importing from the camera when in VRO format. This could be because I didn't have enough time to play!
There must be software programs out there which can handle VRO I think ULead does but haven't tried.

  johndrew 12:08 09 Feb 2007

I`m not certain you are hijacking the thread, you seem to have a similar problem.

A thought. If you have a DVD player capable of playing NTSC/PAL RAM discs, could you not set up to record from that to a VCR, or PAL DVD recorder, and then to your PC?

It may also be an option for franmar if it works and the disc is still available.

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