video editing

  picklsey 18:00 19 Apr 2006

ho folks i,m looking for recommedations on a video editing suite.i,m currently looking at win dvd and pinnacle,does anyone use these programes and what do you think of them.been using windows own but it,s a bit to basic.i,m not looking for anything too if anyone can recommend a good one that,s been tried and tested please.

w/xp/pro thanks

  NotsoNewuser 18:28 19 Apr 2006

I use U-Lead Video Editor which is not pricey but is pretty comprehensive.You can edit the sound, add commentary, add music, introduce transitions between scenes, add titles etc etc.
There was a copy of Media Studio Pro 7 with the February magazine which is from the same company so that may be worth a try.

  €dstowe 18:38 19 Apr 2006

Pinnacle is not really suitable if you're just starting out. It is a very large program, slow, complicated, prone to crashing unless given all your computer resources and althogether difficult to use.

Win DVD is somewhat less comprehensive but will most likely do everything you want to achieve. It's quite quick in its processing and works in something approximating to real time.

  picklsey 18:50 19 Apr 2006

thanks for your comments will let this run a little more to see if there are anymore suggestions.

thanks again

  David4637 20:34 19 Apr 2006

Will WinDVD create Menus, transitions, titles, add/edit audio? I use Studio v9 (works about 90% OK), but rendering to DVD takes almost double real time, how about Win DVD? Thanks David

  Hertz Van Rentyl 21:43 19 Apr 2006

You may be able to get a free tryout of Adobe Premier Pro from their site if you just want to do a few videos whilst the trial period lasts.

  woodchip 21:50 19 Apr 2006

I use Pinnacle 9.4 on a XP Celron 2.6Gb with only 256mb Memory It works fine with varied results depending on the Hardware you use. The worst thing I have had with it is out of sink Video Sound, only on certain capture hardware. I find it very easy to use and uncomplicated

  woodchip 21:51 19 Apr 2006

PS cost me £5 at a Computer fair but updated it over the net a few times

  €dstowe 22:23 19 Apr 2006

Yes, WinDVD will do all of those things. It will render a 2 hour work in about real time. Items less than an hour it will work in much less time - depends to some extent on the equipment but it is consitently much faster than Pinnacle.

Sync problems are very rare with WinDVD but very common with Pinnacle.

Note that Adobe Premiere Pro may have a free trial but the paid for version is VERY expensive - but very comprehensive in its capabilities.

Download a fully operational time limited trial of WinDVD creator and see for yourself click here

  Jonathan314159 22:37 19 Apr 2006

Vegas MovieStudio from Sony - around £75. Like the Adobe product (which I haven't tried), it's a cut down version of a professional product. Great to use, rock solid stability and I would thoroughly recommend. Does everything I can possibly think of. I did find the learning curve slightly steep (it helped to read the manual!).

Previously used Pinnacle, which I quite liked, but was limited in what you could do. I was going to upgrade to their latest product, but was put off by a visit to their forums which had a lot of dissatisfied customers complaining about crashes. Given the amount of time it can take to edit video, crashing is about the worst sin the program can do.

You can get trial version of Vegas MovieStudio which times out after 30 days- see click here
If I remember correctly, the only thing the trial version doesn't have is a separate program which creates DVDs.

  FUl2tiV3 01:14 20 Apr 2006

agree with Jonathan314159
been using it since it was videofactory by sonic foundry
it is one of the best authored programs i have ever used
it's sheer ease of use and efficiency make it one of the most creative and intuitive programs available
click here

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