Video editing

  wolfie3000 17:22 05 Oct 2005

Sorry if this is in the wrong forum but whats the best video editing software free or bought i want to edit some video and take the sound off of it any good packages about the more tools on it the better?

  johnnyrocker 17:39 05 Oct 2005

have you tried a search in the left hand bar it's bound to pull up loads of topics for you.


  wolfie3000 17:41 05 Oct 2005

just want some thing to edit up a video theres so many but which is the best one

  De Marcus™ 17:43 05 Oct 2005

Use the guides in the left hand column from this click here

  wolfie3000 18:08 05 Oct 2005

all i want is a simple but powerfull program to edit videos in thats not complicated but has many tools such as taking sound off of the video and being able to cut and paste the clips?

  JYPX 18:19 05 Oct 2005

Best free video editor - Windows Movie Maker. If your os is XP, you already have this.
Best Video Editor under £100 - Ulead VideoStudio 9.

  wolfie3000 18:20 05 Oct 2005

ok thanks iv tryed movie maker but you cant remove sound off of video can that be done on Ulead VideoStudio 9?

  JYPX 18:29 05 Oct 2005

Drag clip into Movie Maker. Highlight clip. Tools, Audio levels. Move slider all way to left. Clip now has no audio. Drag clip onto timeline. Save movie as.....etc etc

  wolfie3000 21:39 05 Oct 2005

cheers jvpx thats made my day now to edit my mini master piece lol.

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