video editing

  igp45 12:07 28 Jul 2005

i purchased a sony handycam dcr trv22e digital,i'm having a problem uploading the film onto my p/c,my o/s is xp pro,amd athlon 1.6GHz and 512mb of ram,the software i'm using is cyberlink power director it uploads the film for about 1/2 mins then it will stop,i'm using a firewire connection,i shut everthing else down but still no joy,can anyone help thanx ian

  madPentium 12:16 28 Jul 2005

Just a thought, does it ask you to specify a file size before uploading? or is it in an option setting somewhere? The reason I ask is that some audio software asks you to state the size before it will record anything.

  stlucia 12:30 28 Jul 2005

... or is there an option in Cyberlink Power Director which causes it to only download one scene at a time?

  igp45 12:51 28 Jul 2005

capture options,time limit and size limit,but they dont seem to make any difference what i put in them

  woodchip 12:54 28 Jul 2005

try setting them both to 0

  igp45 12:54 28 Jul 2005

there is no time limit it should upload all the film and then you can edit and burn

  scotty 12:55 28 Jul 2005

Check that DMA is enabled on the disc you are writing to. It is recommended that you use a different disc to the one your operating system is installed on.

You say you shut everything else down. Does this include anti-virus & firewall progs?

  igp45 12:55 28 Jul 2005

yep done that still no joy

  igp45 12:57 28 Jul 2005

yep shut everthing down i possibly can

  woodchip 13:06 28 Jul 2005

Can you see the Camera in Windows Explorer as a Removable Drive or Camera. If so just drag files from it

  scotty 13:10 28 Jul 2005

Check that DMA is enabled. Make sure you do not have a slow device (e.g. CD) on the same cable as your harddrive.

1/2 min corresponds to about 100MB of data. I presume you have adequate space on the disc or partition that you are saving to?

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