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  Thomo1 16:04 11 Jan 2006

Is it possible to copy my videos onto DVD?

If so how owuld i go about doing it please?

I read somewhere that i could buy a TV card for the PC and a normal coax cable and that will do the job?


  john-232317 16:15 11 Jan 2006

Type VHS to DVD in the search forum window above your post, happy reading ;-)

  Pamy 16:16 11 Jan 2006

Hi Thomo1, its not quite that simple. You would also nead a sofware program to load it to. You will also nead a DVD burner and it will depend upon what connectors your video player has to send it to your computer video card.


  madPentium 08:06 12 Jan 2006

Pamy is correct, the program needs to be a good compressor as copying vhs to your pc on the fly will produce a massive file. Your hard drive will fill up in minutes. A good program will get
a vhs movie into an avi file around 7-800mb. This
will be the same quality as the original to the eye. Many newer dvd players in the home will play an avi file , however you will likely have
to convert it to mpeg2, then author it, then burn it. You will probably want to add a menu
and chapters also before burning to dvd.

  Bagsey 08:49 12 Jan 2006

Unless you have a great desire to edit these videos why bother putting them onto your computer. Standalone DVD recorders are becomeing so cheap now so copying from VHS straight to DVD recorderis a reasonable option.. No hassle with computer software, capture cards etc as well as the time taken. remember that VHS is analogue so a capture card in some for is essential to get you video into your computer.

  DamianScott 10:31 12 Jan 2006

I agree with Bagsey, standalone DVD - VHS recorders are the best option. I've got a Panasonic unit and the results are great. In fact, I'd say that they're fantastic, and you're looking at a price sub £200 now. I bought mine from a guy on Ebay, damaged box stock.

The whole process of using your PC to copy VHS to DVD might sound exciting, especially if you're struggling to find a use for your DVD writer, but with all of the hassle, cabling, time, codec problems & macrovision protection to contend with, you'll have many a sleepless night with mediocre results at best.

Macrovision protection is present on the vast majority of commercial VHS releases for the past 10 years (at least). If you've ever tried to copy VHS - VHS you'll no doubt have seen the colour phasing and flashing effect that this causes.

Integrated DVD-VHS recorders are even more sensitive to Macrovision, and will refuse POINT BLANK to copy the movie to the disk. My panasonic unit cannot get round it, and firmware upgrades for my model aren't available either (last time I checked) So be careful, if you're trying to back-up commercial releases.

If you've got a load of old films (80's & 90's stuff like me!) you might be able to buy them on DVD for a couple of quid anyway! Or do what I've just done, think "am I really ever going to sit and watch these films?" Then come the conclusion "No!" and take them all down to the local tip!

Back to the VHS/DVD recorder, Panasonic (& Samsung too) have an excellent one-button copy mode. Put your Movie in one side, blank DVD in the other, press the copy button & leave it to it's own devices. Picture quality somehow seems even better on the copied DVD than it did on the VHS original. Still when you have to sit and watch a VHS, doesn't the picture quality look REALLY bad when compared to DVD?



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  dms05 10:53 12 Jan 2006

I bought a LiteOn 5045 DVD/HDD Recorder. I then upgraded the Firmware click here to help with copying VHS to DVD. DVD Recorders seem to have a single byte set that recognises macrovision protection and set themselves into 'pause' for example.

LiteOn are well supported by independent user groups click here and the Official LiteOn site click here

Don't waste your time trying to copy VHS via a PC!

  Bagsey 17:45 13 Jan 2006

I have just come from Morrisons super market and saw a DVD recorder selling at £79.
Apparently it will play DVD+ DVD- VCD and SVCD. I paid £250 last year on a deal with my TV. and thought it was cheap. :-((

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