video download will not complete

  Eileanbeag 10:43 05 Jun 2013

My6 son has been downloading video help; files and the latest has not downloaded properly. When he clicks on the folder it appears to be still downloading and will not open. He has tried to remove it and has also tried System Restore all to no avail. He has Windows Vista as operating system.. Can he get rid of this without restoring to factory settings?

  Nontek 11:00 05 Jun 2013

Get him to try a Normal re-start. Sounds simple, but does sometimes cure minor problems.

  Eileanbeag 12:42 05 Jun 2013

No - that didn't work

  Nontek 13:18 05 Jun 2013

OK, now try to get him to do a System Restore in Safe Mode - not sure, but I think he gets into Safe Mode by repeatedly pressing F8 on Start-up.

  Eileanbeag 13:42 05 Jun 2013

WE did try that but to no avail

  Nontek 13:48 05 Jun 2013

So what exactly happened when it was in Safe Mode, because I am very surprised that restore in Safe Mode did not work?

  Eileanbeag 14:47 05 Jun 2013

Aplogies - you were right - he was not in safe mode when he used System Restore. It did complete successfully but he still can not get rid of corrupted file - when he tries to delete he gets the message "Discovered zero items (zere bytes).

  Nontek 15:20 05 Jun 2013

If he has CCleaner, give that a run.

  Eileanbeag 00:44 06 Jun 2013

Many thanks - that worked beautifully

  Nontek 08:12 06 Jun 2013

Grreat, thanks for your feedback.

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