Video Conferencing

  golfer boy 17:50 22 Feb 2003

I currently use Windows Messenger to keep in touch with family in Australia
I have recently bought a webcam to try out web conferencing with them, however in Windows Messenger the picture is very small, a couple of inches each way, and not adjustable.

Does anyone know of any good video conferencing software where the picture is bigger and adjustable? I would be grateful for assistance.

  cdb 17:58 22 Feb 2003

I think Net Meeting allows you to adjust the size, but only to about 2 or 3 different preset sizes I think.

  golfer boy 18:00 22 Feb 2003

Anyone else got any suggestions?

  woodchip 18:03 22 Feb 2003

Also it will be slower to load or the picture will be blockier

  Kudu 18:12 22 Feb 2003

I use this one for Canada now after trying a few others click here

  Kudu 18:16 22 Feb 2003

Should have said it's a compromise between picture size & quality & also both of you better with broadband.

  golfer boy 18:23 22 Feb 2003

Any idea how much Eyeball costs

  Kudu 19:54 22 Feb 2003

Just saw your posting.Eyeball is free & it takes only a few minutes to set up compared to some others.You can resize picture but as i said if it's too big it can become jerky & you lose detail.Only other problem to watch is feedback on the sound system.You have to be careful where you position speakers & microphone.

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