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  oldbeefer2 15:39 10 Oct 2005

I had some useful replies to a query recently - I'm on a PC, my son on a Mac. We have the cameras working - AIM at my end and iChat in Oz. problem is the video window on AIM is minute and I can't find a way to enlarge it. Is there a way. If not, is there a cheap conferencing program that would be better. Thanks

  EJ1947 16:06 10 Oct 2005

Hi. Try Skype (for free) From click here
which is the audio bit and Festoon from click here which is the video add on.

  oldbeefer2 17:50 10 Oct 2005

Hello EJ. Looks interesting, but do you know whether this package installed on my PC will be compatible with iChat on my son's Mac?

  oldbeefer2 17:54 10 Oct 2005

EJ. Just spotted a problem. Skype only works with another Skype. Needs Festoon which doesn't work on Mac.

  EJ1947 18:37 10 Oct 2005

Not sure about the Mac. I have only used it on PC's with Win XP.

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