Video clip onto cd

  bumpkin 19:50 02 Jan 2012

Hi, I have a bit of video that I want to write to cd, not big 518mg. It starts up with Real Player but when I try to burn it, it says I need to upgrade and pay of course. I have paid for version of Nero although a bit old 2 or 3yrs. Can anyone help on this please.


  rdave13 21:19 02 Jan 2012

Not familiar with Nero but see if you have the option to burn to VCD or SVCD. Most probably will only play on PCs but some DVD players might support the format.

  bumpkin 22:14 02 Jan 2012

Thanks for your reply, I do not get the options you have shown. I can burn to CD or DVD using Nero but it does not recognize the format of the file.


  rdave13 22:36 02 Jan 2012

You'll need to convert the file to DVD or AVI type files. The best converter I use is FormatFactory. If you try it make sure you untick the boxes from the sponsors of this free software unless you want extra toolbars, when installing. Will take a little bit of time to get to know, how to add files to convert, all to (whatever format) and create a folder to convert to, if you wish. Should work with rm files.

  eedcam 22:42 02 Jan 2012

What format is the original file and where do you intend playing the CD.if just on the pc thenjust save it to the disc as is

  Bagsey 11:00 03 Jan 2012

You could try Windows Movie Maker (Free) This will write to CD but will cost if you want the DVD add on

  lotvic 12:16 03 Jan 2012

"I can burn to CD or DVD using Nero but it does not recognize the format of the file."

Neither do we until you tell us what format it is to start with and on what device (player) you want to be able to view (play) the video.

There are plenty of file converters and CD/DVD burning programs available for FREE - no need to buy anything.

  bumpkin 15:49 03 Jan 2012

Thanks all, just logged on.

The file is called "Quick Time Movie" in properties.Where do I find the format details. It is just a family video I want to send to some relatives as it is quite amusing They will play it on whatever media they use probably PC.


  lotvic 17:06 03 Jan 2012

Apple Quick Time, is a .mov file

If it's just for them to play on their PC's - burn the Video file to a CD as Data (that is a straightforward burn file to CD) no conversion is needed.

The free player VLC from VideoLAN play it on their pcs if they don't have or want the Apple QuickTime player or any other player that can handle .mov files

  bumpkin 18:01 03 Jan 2012

Thanks Lotvic that sounds the easiest route. How do I do this, drag and drop, copy, send to, tell me the simplest way please.


  bumpkin 18:12 03 Jan 2012

Hi, can this be sent as an attachment to an Email which would be so much easier? This would be the obvious way if possible.


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