video cards and pixel shaders

  filthyphil 12:29 08 Jan 2007

my dad is trying to play some game on his PC but when started a box comes up with "video card does not support pixel shaders." can anyone tell me what they need to get as far as i was aware the onboard graphics would do the job?

  Technotiger 12:44 08 Jan 2007

Hi, onboard graphics are pretty useless for playing games. I would advise fitting a pci or better still AGP, video card (also known as graphics cards).

  keef66 12:44 08 Jan 2007

which games and what is the spec of his pc??

  filthyphil 13:25 16 Jan 2007

i have upgraded to a 128mb nvidia card but now i get something about vertex shaders any help would be appreciated???

  Wizards_Sleeve 14:07 16 Jan 2007

Just for interest,Graphics cards have two types of shaders, pixel and vertex, in varying numbers of shaders. I think that most manufacturers use mostly pixel shaders with a few vertex shaders thrown in! the number of shaders a card has is called pipelines. Vertex shaders are the ones that draw the straight lines, ie indoors/corridors etc and the pixel shaders do the rest so you can see that you need more pixel shaders in games as there are more "other things" to draw than straight lines.
nVidia has broken the mold by using a unified shader arcitecture, ie no pixel/vertex shaders, just 128 pipelines of unified shaders that can do either. this does away with having some shaders sitting doing nothing if the scene it is drawing is predominantly pixel/or vertex. I'm sure someone will correct me if i'm wrong!!!

  filthyphil 14:14 16 Jan 2007

intel celeron 2.8Ghz, 256mb ram,128mb graphics (nvidia MX 4000.
the game is rise and fall.
just don't know what else is needed, he put another game on "settlers" which worked ok

  keef66 15:33 16 Jan 2007

According to it's system requirements Rise & Fall is definitely beyond the ability of onboard graphics. I also note it requires 512mb ram and you have 256mb.

I think the problem is still the graphics card; the mx4000 is in reality a Geforce 2 card. I'd try a 6200 based card at least

  keef66 15:43 16 Jan 2007

Yep, just seen a review of an MX4000 card which was similar to but slower than the MX440 card I replaced last year. Neither are able to handle pixel shaders as I discovered when running 3D mark 2001.

I went for a Geforce 6600 card which was £60 at the time; what you advise your Dad to do will obviously depend on budget.

and he really needs at least another 512 mg ram for the game to run smoothly

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