video cards

  frender 19:44 16 Oct 2005

is there a way of playing new games on an old video card (nVidia GeForce 4MX)? There must be, it's 2005!

  splork 19:59 16 Oct 2005

Only by turning down detail and resolution until they're playable. Older cards lack often features which will prevent some games from running at all, pixel shaders for example, and there's no way round that. The Geforce4 MX is based on the Geforce2 core so I've heard, so it's getting on a bit.

  frender 20:00 16 Oct 2005

ah, come on! RU all rich or somethin'?

  frender 20:01 16 Oct 2005

thanks dude B-D

  Skills 20:05 16 Oct 2005

No not at all Ive got a geforce FX5200 and have to turn down most detail settings to get playable frame rates.

Its the nature of the beast im afraid, companies release new games that need the latest hardware to play. If you want to play games on your PC then you'll probably be looking at an upgrade id say every 6 months or so to keep up with the latest releases.

Ive gone down the route of a games console.

  frender 20:06 16 Oct 2005

So hav i....

  Mr Mistoffelees 20:12 16 Oct 2005

I have a GeForce FX5900 and I'm not sure it will be good enough for Toca Race Driver 3 when it comes out next year. Going to have to try a demo first as it is going to be some time before i replace my graphics card, not until I get around to thorough system upgrade, maybe in 1>1 1/2 years time.

If you want to play new games, eventually you will have to get a new graphics card.

  frender 20:21 16 Oct 2005

friend of my says the same, he bought new Radeon card and now he's playing all the new games, I'm jelouos... I'm affraid i have 2ghet a new card myself, thanx anyway!

  splork 20:24 16 Oct 2005

The Geforce 6600/6800 are dropping to around the £100-£130 mark, and make a good interim upgrade before all the motherboards and cpu sockets change. AGP versions, PCI-E versions need a recent motherboard. 6600GT is a good bet.

  frender 20:27 16 Oct 2005

in ireland thats 150-200 euros im an unemployed student, I have 2 get that for my birthday/xmas from my mommy...

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