Video card VGA only/No video in Windows

  GrahamP 18:29 12 May 2003

Palit TGUI19440AGi video card
This is an old card on an old machine - P75, Win98SE.
It use a Trident Microsystems Video chip TGUI19440AGi and I'm testing it using a HP 1024 monitor. I can't get it to work in anything but VGA mode and although I haven't exhausted all the possibilities, I would appreciate any help.

Problem one:
When it boots, along with the Trident logo, it says "VGA mode." When it gets to Windows (in VGA mode) it complains that it cannot apply the video settings. I can't give the exact wording because of problem no 2. No amount of changing video settings changes this behaviour. It looks like there may be a jumper setting for additional modes. There is one bank of three jumpers (JX7 J7 J8) so I guess that is another seven settings I could try. This could also be a driver problem but the Palit web site doesn't have a driver for it and I can't find any references to it via Google or on I have downloaded and installed the latest driver for the chip from Trident Microsystems with no change.

Problem two:
I also connected it to an old Samsung mono monitor. It displayed the boot text ok and Win98 splash screen and then only wavy lines. At this point I remembered reading on a Trident support site that it defaulted to an 85Hz refresh rate and that to run it on older monitors you first had to bring it up on a newer model and drop the refresh rate. So I reconnected it to the HP and only got a blank screen this time. I rebooted and got the boot text and the splash screen ok and then only a blank screen again. The only thing I've tried since is disabling power management via setup which didn't change things.

So the situation now is that I get no video when running Windows although via Dos is OK. Any help appreciated. (To compound the misery, this is a neighbours machine that I'd offered to fix the modem on)



  GrahamP 11:34 13 May 2003

Problem 2 solved by starting Windows in safe mode. While in safe mode I tried to change video adapter driver but Windows was having none of it. It didn't just say it couldn't find a better driver, it a couldn't find a driver at all.

So problem 1 still exists. I need a driver for the video card. Going by Palit's current model designations it should be a "Palit 9440" (chip number should read TGUI9440AGi, misspelled in first post)



  GrahamP 19:23 13 May 2003

Spelling error. The card is a Palit 9440 and the chip is TGUI9440AG.

Problem 2 disappeared when I started Windows in safe mode.

Problem 1 is still here.
I've now tested all the jumper settings. This did enable another mode but unfortunately it was a step backwards to a 16 bit bus mode.
The settings appear when the machine boots up just prior to the BIOS version text. At this point the monitor is either not warmed up or not active and the display is blank. A warm boot (ctl-alt-dlet) before it gets much further allows the settings to display. Three items are highlighted in yellow: 1024K, 32 bit bus and VGA mode so I think these are the three settings the jumpers are meant to change. The first two settings changed but not the mode so there is clearly something else I have to do. I no longer think this is a Windows driver problem because these settings are being applied way before Windows starts but I'm open to persuasion.
Here is the result of the jumper testing:

Jx7 J7 J8 Size Bus Mode
o o o 512K 16 VGA
o o s 1024K 32 VGA
o s o 512K 16 VGA
o s s 512K 16 VGA
s o o 1024K 32 VGA
s o s 512K 16 VGA
s s o 1024K 32 VGA
s s s 512K 16 VGA
(s = jumpered, o = open)
(apologies if this table isn't lined up)

There are no other jumpers or switches but there are two empty chip sockets. My only thought now is that it needs additional storage to enable SVGA but I still can't find any info on this card so I don't know what chips are required.

Any thoughts at all would be welcome at this point. There is one sad possibility that this is a VGA only card. Is that possible or likely of a PCI video card? I've seen references to the chip which indicate it's capable of enhanced modes.



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