video card upgrade-which one?

  argghhh 11:58 19 Jul 2006

hi there, my teenage son fell into the computor tower when i started up there were and still are thick moving colored bands on the screen, bitmap is all over the card??
i currently have ati radeon 9800 pro would like to upgrade for better gaming graphics (husband...bf2).
computor is supported by intel pentium 4 cpu 3ghz, 1gb of ram.
motherboard is a intel D875PBZ.
please dont be too technical its the 1st time ive looked inside a computer :0)

  argghhh 12:43 19 Jul 2006

hi sorry for double posting, my time is limited the graphics card or lack or it has severly affected the screen can bearly read and is getting worse by the min....havnt a clue what im looking for so please help.thanks

  sean-278262 12:52 19 Jul 2006

click here

Something like that will do you.

However you make no mention of what the computer is used for.

click here

Anything on that page will do but based upon nothing I cant give you a recommended card as for some a cheap unit will do others something in the 100s of pounds mark is a minimum.


  Murielson 1 13:01 19 Jul 2006

If he just fell onto the computer have you made certain that all cards, connections etc are secure as it may be that you just have a connection type problem. Separate issue to your upgrade query and could get you back on the road immediately.

  keef66 13:18 19 Jul 2006

I am familiar with the less than elegant movement and general unintended clumsiness of teenage sons, having two myself.

Has he just dislodged the cable connecting the monitor to the pc base unit? Check both ends.

As Murielson 1 suggests, make sure the graphics card is still properly seated in the AGP slot.

Is the power supply still connected to the graphics card? (white connector, opposite end of card compared to monitor socket)

Is the fan on the graphics card still spinning?

If you still suspect the graphics card, does your motherboard have onboard graphics you can try instead to confirm it? (I'll look it up once I've posted this)

If you do need to replace it, the 6600GT is a slight upgrade from a 9800 pro; you're talking about £80 for an AGP version. If you prefer ATI, try an X800GTO; slightly dearer but quite a bit faster.

How much do you want to spend??

  keef66 13:34 19 Jul 2006

OK, it looks like your board doesn't have onboard graphics. Can you borrow a known working AGP card to try? Last thing you want to do is splash out on a new card and then find it still doesn't work.

AGP cards are thinner on the ground these days; if you want to spend more than the £100-ish the cards above will cost, try a 7800GS, about £200, or a 7800GS+, about £300.

If you simply want to replace the current card you can still get them from Retek click here

  keef66 13:49 19 Jul 2006

Or the ATI X800PRO at £113 (AGP version) from Retek is rather a bargain

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