Video Card Upgrade, Advice needed!

  Obvi0us 20:21 05 Dec 2005

Hi, just joined as i really need some sound advice about a video card upgarde.

I'm looking at two cards, both similar in price.. The first is a Gigabyte 6600GT

click here

Friends have told me a it's a great card, does a little hot but a good performing card. Things is for the same price i could also get a 6800 card.

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I was just wondering, which of these two cards would offer me the best performance with todays latest games. My system spec is

Intel P4 640 3.2ghz
1gb Of dual channel DDR pc3200 RAM

Thanks in advance :)

  citadel 20:41 05 Dec 2005

I have a msi 6800 and it plays all games well including fear and call of duty2. When I got mine it cost £225 so if you can get one for the same price as a 6600gt it looks good.

  Totally-braindead 20:51 05 Dec 2005

click here if you can get a 6800 for the same as a 6600GT then it does look like a good deal if you look at the benchmarks. I have a MSI 6600GT PCI Express cost about £100 and its good.

  Obvi0us 21:00 05 Dec 2005

So i'd better getting the 6800 than the 6600GT, even though the 6600GT is overclocked. The memory clock is running at 1120 MHz and I'm pretty certain that the 6800 runs slower, but benefits from more pixel pipelines etc....

  keef66 15:35 06 Dec 2005

your instinct is correct. the 6800 has more pixel pipelines and a wider memory bus. It will out-perform the 6600gt as you increase game details, resolution, antialiasing etc. Since it's clock speeds are lower it will run cooler, and should have a quieter cooling fan (some 6600gt's are hot and noisy)

Make sure your power supply will power the card. Most people suggest 350W minimum, and a reputable manufacturer.


  Obvi0us 16:38 06 Dec 2005

Thanks for the much needed advice. I had a feeling my gut instinct was correct, just wanted to make sure first.

Thanks for the help :) I really appreciate it.

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